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Decoupage and Papercraft with block printing

block-printing-paper-craft Papercraft and Decoupage


Block Printing Decoupage Using Wooden Printing Blocks

Have you tried decoupage ? Papercraft with block printing is fun, fast and easy. Learn how to decoupage and get brilliant ideas for your projects. You can learn printing techniques for block printing on tissue paper with wooden printing blocks, and create a decoupage box. This simple method to create your own designs leaves you unlimited choices !

Craft-Ideas-with-Textiles1-300x225 Papercraft and Decoupage

First you take any old tissue paper which you iron to make flat. Then with wooden printing blocks, try block printing directly onto the tissue paper. When the paint is dry, simply glue your decoupage paper onto the wood and you will have beautiful decoupage art. Explore lots of papercraft ideas with block printing your own designed paper.

Block Printing and Mixed Media – Decopatch 

“Block Printing” with mixed media

Be creative and have fun with this printing technique. Check our gallery for some decoupage projects.

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Inspired-Block-Printing-DVD Papercraft and Decoupage

Decoupage-papercraft-14-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-15-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-101-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-111-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-121-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-131-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-061-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-011-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-021-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-031-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-071-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-041-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-081-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-051-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-02-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-03-150x150 Papercraft and DecoupageDecoupage-papercraft-04-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage  Decoupage-papercraft-05-150x150 Papercraft and Decoupage