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“I just have to let you know how much I love your web page. So many ideas from all around the world. I had no idea, that someone like me could get creative. I just love love love. Many thanks and kind regards” Valerie Kelly. X




Online classes for patchwork, quilting and textile art


Colouricious is the UK’s leading source of Inspiration for Textile Art & Crafts.

Created by passionate textile artist Jamie Malden, Colouricious has one primary aim – to inspire and teach people to create their own textile art by giving them the tools, techniques, skills and know-how.

Inspired to bring the growing world of textile arts and crafts to a wider audience, Colouricious takes a multi-media approach, producing a variety of textile art DVD’s, TV programs, products and events to provide the complete guide to creating textile arts at home.

Working alongside many of the UK’s leading textile artists, Colouricious brings a refreshing, accessible and comprehensive range of inspirations to ignite creativity and enhance all levels of textile arts and craft skills.

….. Regarding the website, I do think that it is exceptional ! I am an avid crafter and quite experienced but I have learned so much from the website and all the links. I get really excited when a new email comes through. Really great stuff. I did meet you at the NEC and bought some blocks from you but have only just now found the time to explore with them.   They lend themselves to so many creative possibilities.

Thank you from a very happy Colouricious customer !


Jamie Malden
MA BEd (Hons)

Sharon says : ” Having meet you in Grand Rapids, MI last year and enjoying our conversation, I would just like to say your sweet personality and positive energy are felt thru your written dialogue as well. Thanks for
a wonderful site!”

What We Do

Textile Art Videos

Appealing to both beginners and accomplished experts alike and across a wide range of Textile Art styles. Colouricious have 10 DVD Downloads devoted to a specific techniques, such as ‘Lutradur’ or ‘Patchwork and Printing’ machine embroidery and much more; and 2 further DVDs on the Talking Threads TV series which gave viewers an exclusive look into each of the artists’ work and discusses their inspirations and influences.. Each is led by an internationally renowned artist and are available for download here.


Block Printing

As an artist herself, Jamie Malden, presenter & producer of Colouricious, specializes in the art of block printing. Indian Printing Blocks are made exclusively for Colouricious by Indian artisans in India – these hand carved designs are 100% sustainable and ethically sourced. Block printing and mastering pattern theory is a key skill in textile design, accessible to all skill levels and ages.


Textile Holidays

Colouricious runs Creative Holidays, Workshops and Open Days and many textile related courses, with leading UK textile artists on a diversity of fabric topics.Regularly invited by craft groups, arts bodies and embroidery and quilting guilds from all over the UK, Europe and America, Colouricious hosts tailored workshop events to promote the growing art textile medium and teach essential skills to inspire and enhance creativity.


Colouricious Textile Holiday

If you love patterns, stitch, textiles, colour, India, friendship and holidays all rolled into one, then have a look at the perfect holiday for you. Click on this image to learn more about Colouricious Textile Holidays


Natural Quilts

If you love and adore super soft quilts, you will cherish these hand made natural quilts from India. Hand dyed and stitched in traditional methods in Bagru, India, these quilts are the finest cotton, with colour fast natural dyes and top quality softness.  Buy these quilts as gifts for her, him and how about your favourite pet too – for dog or for cat, the luxury will be enjoyed by all! If you would like to have a look at these Indian Natural Quilts, you can visit their website.

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