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Textile design with Bondaweb


Kim Thittichai shows you in these videos many things you can do with Bondaweb. She also used Colouricious wooden printing blocks for her projects.

 Bondaweb and baby wipe combined with block printing

Create your own tee shirt

Design your applique with Bondaweb and Polyester Organza

Surface stitching with Kim Thittichai

How about taking part in a fabulous creative textiles course with Kim Thittichai!

Check out the Experimental Textiles Course that she teaches in the UK. 

Look at these pictures, maybe you will have some new arts and crafts ideas !

kim-thittichai-fabric-art-project-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-fabric-art-projects-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-fabric-design3-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-iron-art-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-tee-shirt-block-printing-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-foil-paper1-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-block-printing-technique-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-printing-tee-shirts-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-technique-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-fabric-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-fabric-art-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-fabric-applique-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-stitch-art1-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-stitch-technique1-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-textile-art-techniques2-150x150 Bondaweb  kim-thittichai-textile-art3-150x150 Bondaweb

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