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Textile Art Techniques

In this part of the website, I want to share with you all of the textile art tips and textile art techniques I have learnt since I started crafting. Please feel free to click on any of the links to the left and you will get a drop down menu of various projects I have worked on as well as other textile artists that have kindly helped me on my journey.

There are lots of images and videos for you to enjoy, so feel free to take your time, explore and most importantly, try out some of these techniques.

Happy Creativity!

IMG_3946-1-150x150 Textile Techniques  scrapbooking-print-your-own-paper-elephants2-150x131 Textile Techniques   hobbycraft-scrapbooking-craft-150x150 Textile Techniques   kim-thittichai-textile-design-technique-150x150 Textile Techniques   embroidery-machine-150x150 Textile Techniques    hand-stitching-tree-wood-stamps-design-150x150 Textile Techniques   hand-stitching-tree-printing-blocks-design-150x150 Textile Techniques   hand-stitching-tree-block-printing-embroidery-150x150 Textile Techniques

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