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Hi Jamie – I’ve just read your latest newsletter and thought that I’d let you know how fantastic I think your site and its content are. I experience feelings of wellbeing and cheerfulness after looking through all your offerings and watching your videos and I really look forward to getting your emails. You have developed a very special business and are so generous in sharing knowledge and techniques.  … Robby in Australia

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arts-and-craft-textile-art-300x70 Textile Art Workshops & Courses Watch these textile art DVD workshops and you will learn a wide range of textile techniques from leading texile artists and designers. Develop new stitch skills in your creative textiles, such as how to use and create. You can create your own journey of new textile techniques by working through each dvd – challenge yourself or share time with your friends to explore and develop needlecraft skills. Colouricious is the UK’s leading production company of creative textiles workshop DVDs dedicated to sharing with you the wonderful world of textile art. Order now & instantly become more creative The benefits of textile art dvds for you are:-

  • you own your own creative textiles workshop
  • this dvd is your personal workshop
  • learn at your own pace
  • share with your friends
  • watch when and where you wish
  • repeat endless times
  • excellent value for money
  • take it on holiday with you
  • one-to-one learning.

inspiration-300x263 Textile Art Workshops & Coursesquilting-arts-textile-art-300x158 Textile Art Workshops & Courses

“Hi Jamie, i just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos and how useful i find them. I have been printing for years but always had unreliable results when block printing, until i saw your video the other day and realised where i was going wrong. I had been adding paint with a brayer instead of a sponge. Changed to doing it your way and had perfect results every time. Also tried rotating one of them using a coin in the middle to avoid getting them too close together and that worked perfectly too. I am gradually working my way through all of them. They are the most useful videos I have come across, and i have seen loads on various sites, thank you for making them. Best wishes, Gill.”

embroidery-stitch-sewing-300x156 Textile Art Workshops & Courses

Dear Jamie,
I recently visited a friend for the weekend, and took a couple of your DVDs with me for us to watch in the evening.  I wanted to let you know that we both thoroughly enjoyed them, and both agreed that they are the perfect mix of inspiration and instruction.  We watched Creative Machine Embroidery with Gina Ferrari, and Inspired Velvet with Angie Hughes.  
They are an excellent format, very professional, but not at all ‘over rehearsed’ – so it feels like you are really taking part in a workshop – but with the added bonus of being able to watch over again if you forget something.  
So, thanks – and keep making the creative DVDs!
Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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colouricious-block-printing Textile Art Workshops & Courses
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Love Textiles  – If you love textile arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, Colouricious specialises in promoting textile art featuring leading British textile artists. Sign up for our free Colouricious weekly online newsletter to get up to date cutting-edge ideas.   In these Colouricious textile art dvd’s, we use the finest craft supplies for our textile design & sewing projects. See the fantastic craft supplies we have which will be great your for your textile art adventures! 

arts-crafts-ideas-projects-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses block-printing-ideas-techniques-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses block-printing-projects-ideas-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses elephant-block-stamps-printing-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses fabric-design-ideas-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses fabric-pattern-design-ideas-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses fabric-patterns-quilting-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses heart-design-fabric-ideas-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses projects-fabric-ideas-textiles-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses textile-projects-design-ideas-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses tress-fabric-printing-ideas-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses woooden-block-printing-blocks-150x150 Textile Art Workshops & Courses