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Animal Print Wood Stamps

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Block Printing Elephants

Quilt – Quilting your whole piece quilts with animal wood stamps

Animal print wooden printing blocks create endless craft ideas with paper & fabric. You can print on paper for scrapbooking & card making ideas or you can also design amazing craft surfaces using these animal wooden printing blocks. You will be able to print on fabric to design clothes, aprons, cushions, quilts & much more.

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stitch-embroidery-needlecraft-block-printing-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps  hand-embroidery-designs Animal Print Wood Stamps

Animal prints are very popular with children. You can use these wooden printing blocks to create all sorts of sewing projects. By printing your own fabric, you can create something completely unique, special and individual. Worthless in the eyes of the giver and the receiver! When you are block printing any of these images onto fabric, we really recommend the Colouricious Textile Paint. The reason why we love this particular paint is that it is extremely easy to fix. Just iron as hot as the fabric will bear and then the paint is permanent and can be washed up to 40 degrees. The colours are strong vibrant and intense. You will love hand printing your own fabric with these paints. They are also suitable for screen printing, lino printing and hand painting too.

With this Rainbow set of Fabric Paints you can mix and match your own colours.

textile-quilting-fabric-art Animal Print Wood Stamps

block-printing-textile-art-surface-design-e1395382495706 Animal Print Wood Stamps

textile-recycling-surface-design-craft-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   textile-design-textile-techniques-block-printing-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   quilts-printing-ideas-textiles1-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   recycling-textiles-sewing-projects-crafts1-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   patchwork-quilt-paper-craft-scrapbooking1-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   paper-craft-textile-design1-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps    print-on-fabric-block-printing-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   embroidery-art-and-crafts-painting-on-fabric-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   fabric-printing-elephant-art-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps  hobbycraft-scrapbooking-craft-150x149 Animal Print Wood Stamps   quilting-craft-ideas-textiles-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps block-printing-textiles-craft-stitch-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   textile-art-design-printing-technique-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps  


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textiles-block-printing-craft-ideas-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps       textile-art-block-printing-on-fabric-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   textile-art-paper-craft-ideas-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps    textile-art-paper-craft-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps  quilt-making-textile-design-block-printin-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps  print-on-fabric-textiles-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps  block-printing-fabric-printing-textile-printing-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   animal-prints-on-fabric-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   animal-prints-craft-ideas-fabric-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3451-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3459-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3460-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3463-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3464-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3468-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3469-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3474-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps   IMG_3480-150x150 Animal Print Wood Stamps


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