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Beautiful Botanicals

Beautiful Botanicals

Botanical Beauties

Botanical Beauties
Their name really says it all. This beautiful floral set of wooden blocks are new in this year from our carvers in India. It is a set of 15 delightfully carved blocks that would look beautiful on any craft project. Take a look at the video we have put together and you will see how the blocks look in closer detail as well as how you can create all sorts of different designs. You will see Jamie demonstrate how to create a shadow effect as well as how effective the blocks can be used with each other using different fabric paint colours.

botanical video

To buy this beautiful set, just head over to our website and place your order. We have stock ready and waiting and will despatch your order as soon as we receive it.

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We also have a number of pictures of the different ways you can use these blocks.

create-patterns-making-300x225   creative-textiles-design-course-300x225

colouricious-block-printing-300x209   creative-textile-art-course-300x205

cloth-paper-scissors-300x240   hand-block-printing-techniques-300x225

Don’t miss out on this beautiful set of blocks, they really are so lovely and I am really excited that we have got them here for you now. Just head over to our website to get your set now.

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Pick your Favourite!


If Botanicals are not your thing, then we have lots of other lovely sets and I am sure you will find something here that will be perfect for your next crafting project.

Sewing Crafts


A set of 8 wooden printing blocks with a sewing theme. Average length 6cm. Great for fabric design and outlines for embroidery.

Order this set here

Lovely Lilies


A beautiful set incorporating two lovely large lily blocks.

Order this set here

Roses & Co.


Lots of lovely roses that would look beautiful on any crafting project.

Order this set here

Spiral Set


9 fantastic blocks ranging in size from 8.5cm to 4cm. These blocks would be perfect as a background design on any craft project.

Order this set here




Sharing is Caring


If you feel that Colouricious has inspired you with new, varied and interesting textile art ideas, please share us with your friends. We can only grow through personal recommendation, and if you were to help “spead the Colouricious love” we would be so grateful. We love to think of all our creative friends around the world holding Colouricious hands!

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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Jamie Malden

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