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The Forest Floor Lodge, Vietnam

The Forest Floor Lodge, Vietnam


Forest Floor Lodge is a unique Eco hotel and resort situated situated in Cat Tien national park 150 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) Vietnam. If boasts unique and tranquil luxury accommodation directly on the perimeter of the famous Nam Cat Tien National park providing the perfect location for Bird watching and those with an interest in wildlife. If you do not have a particular interest in wildlife, Forest Floor Lodge provides the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life, and an insight to a rural Vietnamese lifestyle.

forest-floor-lodge-vietnam forest-floor-lodge-vietnam

The is a great range of biodiversity in Cat Tien, ranging from gibbons to geckos, from butterflies to sun bears. Elephants also migrate through the south-west region of the park. It is also known for its bird watching. With an early start, visitors can trek through the forest to see wood peckers, birds of prey such as grey-headed fish eagle and collared falconets, and many more. Whilst on a hike, visitors may also want to visit the siamese crocodile lake. Home to the critically endangered siamese crocodile, this is one of the last places you can see them in the wild! You can organise guided treks with Forest Floor Lodge. The park is host to two important animal rehabilitation schemes: the Endangered Primate Species Centre (EAST) on Dao Tien island and the Wildlife At Risk (WAR) bear reserve.

As it is situated next to the Nam Cat Tien National park, Forest Floor Loge have a very ‘green’ outlook on life, promoting forest conservation, reducing poaching and supporting their local community. One of the main problems is agricultural encroachment. There is lots of pressure to grow crops in the area due to high commodity prices for crops like cashew, cocoa, coffee and pepper. Illegal logging is also a problem, which is driven by rural poverty. Together with initiatives such as WWF, the EU and Winrock International, the Forest Floor Lodge hopes to reduce the human impact on its environment.

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Colouricious will be visiting this lodge for a few days on its Vietnam Textiles Tour in 2015. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to look on our website or contact us directly below.

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