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Dyeing Workshop with Julia Phillips

Dyeing Workshop with Julia Phillips

Dyeing Techniques with textile artist Julia Phillips


Dyeing fabric can be done in many different ways, using different techniques and tricks! This is what you will learn with Julia Phillips. Using fabric dye and the material of your choice, you are able to create a beautiful final outcome that can be transformed and developed into any item of clothing, accessory or quilt.

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Who is Julia Phillips?

Julia Phillips is a passionate and creative fabric dyer who utilises different techniques such as space-dyeing, ice-cube dyeing, shibori and indigo. After completing her City and Guilds Level 2 Textile Decoration course, she has continued to experiment and has now teamed up with Colouricious to produce some fabulous artwork.

What will you being doing?

There are 6 different workshops for you be inspired by.


1. Colour 1 – You will learn dry powder dyeing and low water immersion dyeing in plastic bags.

2. Colour 2 – You will learn two fabric-manipulation techniques – space dyeing in a tray and thin dye-painting on wet/dry fabric.

3. Texture – On this course you will learn how to use thickened dye and dyed ice-cube painting.

4. Shibori Stitching and Indigo Vat – Here you’ll learn the resist techniques of stitching, clamping and pole winding, and also using indigo vat.

5. Batik – You will learn how to explore shapes and lines using different resist techniques (flour paste, masking tape, pipettes etc), and also  deep water immersion dyeing.

6. Layering Techniques – Taught together with Jamie, this combines several techniques such as block printing, decolourant, and over dyeing.

How to Sign Up?

Dates for these courses have not been finalised, but they will take place sometime this summer. If you have any questions or would like further information, please check Julia’s website or the Colouricious website

Alternatively, you can contact us via the box below.

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