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Why choose a textile holiday?

Why choose a textile holiday?

Textile Holiday

For the vast majority, the two week holiday they have each year will centre on sun, sea and sand or cities, buildings and views. Some may even see a merger the two as the perfect combination for their two weeks away from work. For others, these ideas are less appealing and they look for something a little less “standard” and they will often embark on adrenalin filled adventure holidays that push their own skills and abilities to the limit.

If none of these ideas appeal to you for your next holiday, then maybe a vacation that encompasses a hobby you are passionate about could be the solution. With the world becoming ever more accessible, holidays, trips and tours designed to let you explore your hobby are now more popular than ever. The beauty of these holidays is you get to see your hobby being done by different people in different countries and often in different ways as well. You share the holiday with like minded people with whom you can share and discuss thoughts and ideas, and can immerse yourself into your hobby coming back with new ideas and techniques from your trip.

colouricious-textile-holidaysColouricious organise textile art and crafting holidays to various regions of India and Vietnam where visitors can experience the wonderful, sights and sounds of these wonderful countries. You will be taken to towns and villages that actively use these crafts in their day to day lives and you will not only see them crafting, but also have the opportunity to have a go yourself. The whole trip is designed for everybody to participate as much as possible and the people who immerse themselves into the holiday the most are certainly the people who get the most out of it.

The trips cover areas in India such as Jaipur, Rajasthan, West Bengal and South Odisha and each of these regions have a fundamentally different take on the crafting and how it affects their livelihood. Vietnam is a new destination for Colouricious in 2015 where travellers will be covering the full length of the country, some 2,200km in a 15 day period. There is a detailed itinerary for each trip on the Colouricious website. All accommodation and transfers are included in the cost of the holiday and you can select a private room or share with a friend. The rooms are a minimum of 3 star standard wherever possible, but it should be considered that these holidays do visit villages and outlying areas, so accommodation may be reflective of the area in certain situations.

Without doubt these crafting holidays are a trip of a lifetime and you will return with wonderful pictures and memories and enough stories to tell all your friends and family. I think it is fair to say that once you have been on a Colouricious textile holiday you will forever look at the craft you love with a completely different perspective.

You can read more about each trip by visiting the Textile Holiday page on the Colouricious website where you can download booking forms if you want to reserve your place.

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