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Explore West Bengal on a Colouricious Textile Holiday

Explore West Bengal on a Colouricious Textile Holiday

Embroidery Heritage Textile Tour – West Bengal, India

The Embroidery Heritage Tour of West Bengal is a textile holiday taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of the region on a 12 day trip. You will start in Kolkata and visit Panchla, Bolpur, Katna and Bishnupur where you will explore traditional Indian Textile Techniques of block printing, kantha embroidery and textiles. You will also be able to try these crafts for yourself and bring home your efforts.


In Panchla you will be able to see zari work which is what Panchla is famous for. Intricate embroidery with seed pearls, sequins and beads is normally laid out in the traditional leaf, flower, bird, animal, geometric and filler designs which is mainly produced by the muslim women of the area


The Kantha weaving is very special to the people of Katna and you will get to watch a workshop on how this detailed weaving process is actually undertaken. A number of thin saris are put on top of each other and then hand sewn together with coloured yarn to create a padded quilt type item which is often used as bedding. Kantha is important to the women of this region. Each item is unique and is an expression of the woman’s thoughts and dream at the time she is working. Originally the kanthas were made for loved ones and relations and were never intended to be sold, however, with in the increase in tourists visiting this region, there has been a change in these ideals as visitors get to see the wonderfully designed kanthas that the women are creating.

Nakshi-kantha-Bangladesh  kantha-textile-tour-India  nakshi-kantha-Bangladesh


Bishnupur is well known for its traditional Baluchari Sari weaving. A Sari can take up to a week to complete and you will get to see the weavers at work and their working patterns. The Baluchari Sari has been granted the status of Geographical indication of India meaning it has been recognised that its production methods correspond to a specific geographic location and the item enjoys the reputation and prestige of that status.

This is just a brief snapshot of three of the wonderful places you are going to visit on this Textile Tour. It is a wonderful insight into the ways of life of traditional craftmen and women of the West Bengal region of India and would be a wonderful trip to take for anybody interested in learning more about weaving and the textile crafts of this area. For a more details itinerary of the trip and the booking forms you will need to reserve your place, please visit the Embroidery Heritage Textile Tour – West Bengal, India page on our website.


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