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Cat Tien National Park – Natural Park

Cat Tien National Park – Natural Park

Cat Tien National Park – Vietnam Holidays

eco-lodge-vietnam-jungleCat Tien National Park – Forest Floor Lodge is an eco lodge hotel ideal if you are going to Vietnam on your holidays. This ecotourism lodge is in Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam. This is one of Vietnam’s most important national parks which is still home to some of the worlds most critically endangered wildlife. There are a wide range of activities available, from guided treks through the forest to walks across local paths, you may also love to see the bear sanctuary and the crocodile lake, all in easy walking distance from the Forest Floor Eco Lodge. This eco lodge hotel is situated by a river amidst the wildlife of the forest, sitting on the veranda you will be serenaded by the howls of the gibbons. 

The rooms in the hotel are made of local products, such as larva rock used for the tiles and the shower floor. Each of the beds have a very romantic feel with their mosquito nets – even though we did not actually see any mosquitos or any other insects in fact!


This eco lodge hotel is run by Mai Bateman and her husband Roy. Roy is an entomologist who loves sharing his knowledge of the jungle. The food is plentiful and tasty, cooked by a couple of local chefs who seem to get a fabulous balance between local ethnic food with a touch of western cuisine thrown in. Really delicious, especially the local bananas that are small and sweet.

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