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An Invitation to Rajasthan

An Invitation to Rajasthan

We cover a lot of ground when we go on our tour of Rajasthan. We have calculated that the tour is approximately 1.735km over a 14 day period. There is inevitably a lot to see and take in on a trip like this, but we organise it in this way to make sure you get to experience as much of this wonderful region as possible.


If the highlight of the tour is the visit to the Pushkar Camel Fair, then the underlying delight is the variety of sights and sounds you get to experience as we travel through the region stopping at places like Delhi, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Barmer, Ajmer and Jaipur the capital of the region.

The Region


Rajasthan is the largest region of India and is located in the North West of the Country. The state was formed in 1949 after India gained its independence from The UK. The majority of the region is covered by the Thar Desert, but it also has some wonderful areas of natural beauty including two tiger reserves and the Keoladeo National Park which is a World Heritage Site well-known for its bird life. Our tour flies into Delhi where we spend a couple of days before entering Rajasthan on its eastern border. We then travel predominantly westwards through Bikaner, Pokran to Jaisalmer. A turn to the south towards Barmer and then Eastwards through Ajmer and Jaipur before heading back to Delhi.

Whilst the tour is focussed on the textile arts and crafts of the region, it is impossible not to be amazed and astounded by the sights and sounds of the whole region. Even though the desert covers a lot of the region don’t be mistaken into thinking that everything will look the same. You will get to see some wonderful flora and fauna and Rajasthan is renowned for its national parks and sanctuaries.

The Culture


The other beauty of the region and India in general is the wonderful culture of the country. The people of the region embrace their history and tradition which reflect the ancient Indian way of life and this manifests itself in the textile crafts, music and dance that you will see on this tour. You will get to see lots of traditional colourful art mainly produced using block printing, tie and dye printing and intricate embroidery styles, all of which are major exports from Rajasthan.

The People


At the end of the day though, it is the people that make this tour so special. The warmth of the welcome and the kindness and patience they show to the people on our tour is endearing and really makes you feel as if you are part of their family. We have built up good friendships and relationships over the time we have travelled to Rajasthan and you will definitely benefit from our knowledge and past experiences to ensure that this trip to Rajasthan really will be your trip of a lifetime.

If this synopsis of the tour has whetted your appetite to go on the tour, then head over to our website and reserve your place. We are off to Rajasthan in November and would love for you to join us.

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