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Printing Techniques on Fabric

Printing Techniques on Fabric

Double Wooden Printing Blocks
Meet our new exciting wooden printing blocks that are made for double block printing. Discover a very exciting method of block printing with two matching wooden printing blocks. These printing techniques on fabric lend themselves to so many textile art ideas.
  printing techniques on fabric

If you love block printing and have been creating your own textiles for some time now, have a go at double block printing. Essentially there are two wooden printing blocks – one is a solid design and the other is an outline design. Block printing with two blocks is very quick easy and effective. First you charge up the solid design block with your fabric paint and press down onto your fabric – remember to have a foam mat underneath. Secondly you charge up the outline block with a contrasting colour. Hover this block over the first print, eyeball the designs so that it is exactly on top of the previous one and print. Do not worry if the resolution is not 100% accurate as that is all part of the charm and delight of hand printed fabric. These blocks are very rare and unique. Many of you will never have seen double block printing before. To our knowledge we are the only place where you can buy these in the western world. You will love them!
Choose which ones you love – look at the entire selection of
Colouricious double wooden printing blocks
Do you “need” some fabric paint?
We recommend our Scrumptious Set of Fabric Paints for Double Block Printing as the contrasting colours make strong combinations.

Buy this set of Colouricious fabric paints and some of the double wooden printing blocks and you will qualify for free delivery anywhere in the world!


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