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FREE Postage & Shipping Worldwide

FREE Postage & Shipping Worldwide

Free Delivery
You seem happy, so we will keep it running


The response to our new Free Delivery offer of buying three items, has proved to be very popular. So much so that we have decided to keep it running for a while longer so you can get exactly what you want. Just buy three items and you won’t pay a penny for delivery wherever you are in the world!


Be creative with your textiles
It’s great fun and you can make some wonderful things


The beautiful thing about textiles is that with a little imagination and a few tips and ideas you can make some super items that can be gifts for others or just for you to use as and when required. There is a huge list of things we can make with our block printed fabrics, and there are lots of tips and ideas on the Colouricious website to show you just how to use what you have printed and turn it into a beautiful project.
The video below is on our website and shows you how to make lovely tissue box covers. We also have a video on the same page how to make a sleep mask, and you don’t have to look too far before you can find other tutorials how to make loads of other items.
How to make a tissue box cover

make video

Watch and learn – why not take a look and give it a go, I am sure you will be delighted with the outcome.


Come to India on us!
You still have time to enter


Our super competition is still running and you have time to enter either for the first time or again to increase your chances of winning. Just buy any of the competition sets of blocks from those listed on our website and you will get an entry into the competition to win a place on one of our Textile Holidays to India. It really is a no-lose competition because even if you don’t win you will have a wonderful set of blocks to use on your next craft project.

Take a look at the blocks and choose the set you like the best. Buy the set and you are automatically entered into the draw. If you choose two more items you want then you will also get free delivery!


Fabric Paints
Brighten up your craft projects with our gorgeous colours


These Colouricious Fabric Paints are our favourite textile paints. The colours are strong and vibrant and easy to apply. They come in a soft squeeze bottle so nothing gets wasted in the bottom. The paint squeezes easily out of the nozzle and has a very long shelf life. What we also love is that this fabric paint is easy to fix – simply iron the fabric as hot as the fabric will bear and then your fabric can be washed up to 40 degrees and your design will stay permanent. A little tip if you have a tumble dryer – you can put your fabric into the tumble dryer for five minutes and that will also set your paint to permanent. This professional grade Colouricious fabric paint is water based – that means that when it is dry, it does not sit on top of the fabric, making it stiff and crispy. The paint soaks around the fibres and keeps them soft so the handle of the fabric is not compromised at all.
When your fabric paint bottles are empty use them to dye your own fabric. Simply top up the empty bottle with water, give it a shake and then splash it over some fabric to dye it. Simply leave to dry and heat set with an iron.

We have added loads of new colours in lots of different sizes as well, so take a look at our website to find your favourite. I am sure there will more than one colour that catches your eye!


Latest Arrivals
Lovely little sets for you to be creative with


You know by now that we are always adding to our Latest Arrivals page, but I just wanted to show you a very cute set we have just got in which I think is beautiful and would make a lovely design on a gift for a fellow stitcher. The sewing machine is incredibly detailed and complements the very skilfully carved scissors and thread. Sometime when I receive the blocks from my team in India, I can hardly believe that they are hand carved. If you like this set, then it is called “Little Sew and Sew” and you can purchase it here.


Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden
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