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The Colouricious Guide to Applique

The Colouricious Guide to Applique

Applique – How to use in Textile Art

Applique (or “applied” when translated from French) is the art of affixing one item onto another to create a finished product. It is extensively used in textile arts to create decoration and depth to any craft product. Applique is also extensively used to renovate and revitalise old items of clothing into modern new pieces.

The item applied can be another piece of fabric or multiple pieces of fabric to achieve your goal. The fabric is normally folded in to create a nice clean edge, but there are plenty of creations that used the “frayed edge” of an appliquéd piece of fabric as part of the design so really there are no fixed rules on how to achieve the best results.

Individuals who make quilts use the applique method a lot as the technique lends itself to the square repetitive patterns that you often see on quilts. You will also see a lot of appliqué designs in products and crafts that are made in India and the sub-continent.

Colouricious have several videos that show how to create beautiful applique designs and you can visit our Applique textile technique page to watch and follow them.


If you would like to explore how to integrate applique techniques into your next craft product, then the Colouricious range of DVDs has a number of projects that would be ideal for Appliqué. The Recycled Reborn DVD is a perfect example showing how the creative use of appliqué can transform old clothes and fabrics into new modern designs. You can watch excerpts of the DVD and then make a purchase if you wish.
Recycled Reborn Recycled Textiles


Colouricious Holidays

Our Holidays are proving to be exceptionally popular, so much so that we are running out of free slots for all of our upcoming trips. We are keeping our website up to date with the number of spaces left on each trip so if you are thinking about a crafting holiday to India or Vietnam please act quickly to avoid disappointment. We are hoping to add additional trips to these locations later in 2015, but we cannot guarantee this at the moment, so if you have your heart set on a crafting holiday that make sure you get in contact with me as soon as you can.

Textile Holiday Textile Holiday Textile Holiday


Our Next Show

Our next show is at London’s Alexandra Palace on 8th – 12th October. If you are planning on going to the show, please spare some time to come and say hello, I love to meet all of the followers of Colouricious, and I am sure I will be able to arrange a super discount on anything you want to buy.

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