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Block Printing for Book Making

Block Printing for Book Making

Block Printing for Book Making

Book Making by hand is a wonderful craft and it can bring joy to both the people who make the books and people who receive them as gifts. They are unique and can be personalised and make wonderful presents. You can watch the video we have made on how to use block printed sheets for book making. The instructions have been written below.


  1. Take two pieces of card and join them together with masking tape allowing for a 2cm gap between each board.
  2. Lay the piece of block printed paper you have chosen for your outer cover face down and then apply PVA glue to one side of the two pieces of cardboard.
  3. Lay the cardboard onto the paper and press down firmly.
  4. Cut the corners of the paper off at a 45 degree angle to the cardboard.
  5. Apply PVA glue to the uppermost side of the cardboard and fold in the edges of the paper to wrap the cardboard. Apply additional glue where necessary.
  6. Chose your block printed paper for the inside cover and cut that to a size slightly smaller than the overall size of your book cover.
  7. Apply more PVA glue and affix the inside sheet making sure that it doesn’t go over the edge of the cover.
  8. Press down firmly and leave to dry.
  9. Collect together some paper for the inside sheets of your book.
  10. Fold the sheets in half and using an awl make three holes of equal distance to each other along the crease line of the paper.
  11. Place the inside sheets inside the book cover and align them so they are centered within the book cover.
  12. Using the holes you have already created in the inside sheets as a guide, use the awl to make holes in the masking tape area of the book cover.
  13. Stitch the inside sheets into the cover and tie off the thread once completed. Trim any excess threads.
  14. Your book is now complete!

Here are some samples of the books we have created.

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