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Bead Embroidery

Bead Embroidery

As the name implies, bead embroidery is the craft that involves adding beads as an embellishment to a fabric or material. The beads do not form a critical part of the structure of the project so you can be extra creative when the beads are sewn on. There are three fundamental methods of embroidering beads onto fabric:

  • Individual – Beads are sewn on separately giving you very detailed control over the design you are creating.
  • Multiple – Several beads are threaded onto the needle at once and then the line of beads is sewn onto the fabric. This enables the crafter to beads onto the fabric quickly and is an excellent way to build up the start f your design.
  • Bead Strips – Lines of pre-threaded beads are laid onto the fabric and then stitched into place. This enables the crafter to quickly get a lot of beads onto a piece of fabric, but a design will be limited to the strips of beads that are available.

The craft of bead embroidery is practised all over the world and each technique has different names dependent upon where in the world it is done. In Europe techniques are known as Tambour and Luneville and are commonly used to embroider beads onto high quality dresses and accessories. In India bead embroidery is called Zari and Aari and can be identified by the beads being attached to the top of the fabric and a chain stitch is used to affix each bead to the fabric. To get the best results if you want to give bead embroidery a try, make sure the fabric is tightly stretched over a frame which will give you a good, tight, level surface for you to work on. It will also leave you with both hands free for embroidering, which can be helpful as the beads are small and the design soften very intricate.

Colouricious has a wonderful video about bead embroidering featuring Eliza McClelland who is an talented experienced British beader. You can learn some beading from her video below.To book Eliza to teach your group, you can contact her via her email address which is

Bead Embroidery Video

Bead embroidery is an excellent way to embellish block printed fabrics, highlighting the patterns and designs on the fabrics and making your designs stand out. You can see all of our printing blocks on our website.
We have had hours of creative fun block printing fabrics and then sewing beads onto the designs to embellish them. Very satisfying with gorgeous results. Choose your blocks from our ever expanding biggest selection in the universe!


Latest Arrivals


As we move into October we are getting lots of deliveries of new blocks from India. Our Christmas stock has been uploaded onto our website and we have a stash of wonderful new wooden printing blocks for you to help you with your creations.

Check out the latest arrivals!

The Stencil Shop

Stencils are becoming a very popular product for Colouricious. They work superbly in tandem with our printing blocks  and they are quick and easy to master. We have a lovely video showing you how to incorporate a stencilled pattern onto your fabrics and how to wooden blocks to create a unique pattern with the stencil.

Check out the video and our super selection

Colouricious Holidays

This year we decided to spread our wings and expand our textile holidays to include a trip to Vietnam. Given that this was a new location we were ensure as to how interested our club members would be. We had no need to worry though as the interest in the holiday was so great that our first trip is now fully sold out! We have now arranged two further holidays to Vietnam in October and November 2015, so if you are interested in going on either of these tours, then contact us to reserve your place. You can read more about the tour, the itinerary and  the sights you will see on our website.

Hmong women Vietnam

If you would like to come to India in December 2014 to take part in several block printing workshops, with real Indian printers, there are only two places left. You will be taking part in 2 block printing workshops, one in a factory in Jaipur and one in a rural village, to compare the contrast. You will also be taking part in a Dabu Printing Workshop – where you will actually print your own fabric using mud (!) and wooden printing blocks. You will then Indigo dye your fabric, which you get to bring home with you. Fabulous fun! For fuller details, see our Block Printing Holiday in Jaipur. This particular holiday is perfect if you are a person who loves to keep busy doing, learning and playing.

Have a look at the lovely hotel we will be staying at during our holiday in Jaipur. This link is not broken but can only be accessed if you are on Facebook.

Bandhani 3 Bandhani 2 Bandhani 1

Colouricious Holidays

Our Next Textile Show

We are only a few days away from The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace and we have put together our stock plans for the show. We will be bringing lots of new blocks to the show and we are sure that you will like them. It is our last London Show before Christmas so if you can get to the show make sure you come and say hello so you can see the lovely gift ideas we have for all our crafting friends. The show starts on Wednesday this week, and is a five day event, as last year it was so packed out. This show really is worth going to as there are so many textile artists showing and sharing their ideas and inspirations.

Our very last textile event of the year is going to be at the most fabulous show  Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show which open 20-23rd November.


Block Printing Workshops

Colouricious Workshop

We have had the most wonderful year teaching block printing workshops to quilting and embroidery groups across the UK, America & Europe. We are now accepting bookings for 2015/2016. If you would like your group to learn how to design their own fabrics for their quilting, embroidery and sewing projects, please do phone us to arrange the date.  Best to phone as that way we can arrange the date without endless emails going backwards and forwards! My number is 01494 721 471. I am very happy to travel far and wide to share my love for block printing.
Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards

Jamie Malden

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