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Bandhani Tie Dye with Colouricious

Bandhani Tie Dye with Colouricious

Bandhani Tie Dye

Bandhani Tie Dye is a craft practiced mainly in Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. It is an intricate process requiring a lot of skill and dexterity to tie the small knots in the correct places to create the detailed patterns. The name Bandhani comes from the Sanskrit word banda which means “to tie”.

The knots are tied in detailed patterns to create squares, waves and strips. It is possible that a piece of Bandhani Tie Dye material can have well over 1,000 knots. As with a lot of crafts the patterns and colours used all have meaning to the regions that have created the design. In Rajasthan for example red is often used to represent a bride and yellow a mother. As with a lot of Indian crafts, the colours used in Bandhani Tie Dye are mainly natural and they tend to be darker colours.

Colouricious has some excellent samples of Bandhani Tie Dye as well as some very informative videos showing how you can dye your own fabrics ready for block printing.
Bandhani Video
Latest Arrivals

Latest Arrivals

September has been an extremely busy month with boxes of blocks arriving from India. Our carpenters have been extremely busy carving the most wonderful wooden printing blocks.
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We have also re-stocked our stunning supply of stencils!
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Colouricious Holidays

Our holidays to the regions of India that specialise in Bandhani Tie Dyeing are fully booked, but our Embroidery Heritage Textile Tour of West Bengal includes a day at a weavers studio where you will experience fabric dyeing as well as block printing. It is a wonderful trip and you will see and learn so much about embroidery and fabric crafting. You can read more about the trip on our website. If you would like to come to India in December 2014 to take part in several block printing workshops, with real Indian printers, we still have a few places left. We will be doing 2 block printing workshops, one in a factory in Jaipur and one in a rural village, to compare the contrast. We will also be taking part in a Dabu Printing Workshop – where you will actually print your own fabric using mud (!) and wooden printing blocks. You will then Indigo dye your fabric, which you get to bring home with you. Fabulous fun! For fuller details see our

Block Printing Holiday in Jaipur
have a look at the lovely hotel we will be staying at during our holiday in Jaipur

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Colouricious Holidays
Our Next Textile Show

The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace opens on 8th October for 5 days and we are already building up our stock of new blocks and crafting ideas. It is our last London Show before Christmas so if you can get to the show make sure you come and say hello so you can see the lovely gift ideas we have for all our crafting friends
Our very last textile event of the year is going to be at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show.
Block Printing Workshops

Colouricious Workshop

We have had the most wonderful year teaching block printing workshops to quilting and embroidery groups across the UK, America & Europe. We are now accepting bookings for 2015. If you would like me to come to teach your group how to design their own fabrics for their quilting, embroidery and sewing projects, please do phone us to arrange the date. I am very happy to travel far and wide to share my love for block printing.
Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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