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Master Some Textile Techniques

Master Some Textile Techniques

Master Some Textile Techniques


Pleating, braiding, slashing, quilting, stencilling and blocking are just some of the many different techniques that you can use to decorate your crafting project. There are so many to learn and they all create different effects on your finished project. Colouricious has a web page dedicated to different textile craft techniques with plenty of videos to show you first hand how to master them.

Click on the picture below to see some of our Textile Technique Videos.

Slashing Video

Head over to our Textile Technique page and find the textile technique that you would like to master and then give it a go. the fun is in the learning and experimenting, I am sure you will create some really special things when you give it a try.



pink-pouch-bag-300x300   circle-bag-1-300x300

We have added several new products to our latest arrivals section of the website this week. We were lucky enough to get our team of crafters in India to make these lovely bags in India on our last trip and they have just arrived and we wanted to get them up on the site as quickly as possible.

The pouch bags come in 5 different colours and are absolutely perfect for block printing. (More on that a little later.) The larger shoulder bags are incredibly versatile and big enough to carry all sorts of things. I use one to keep all of my different pieces of material that I have dyed and are ready to be block printed. It is very convenient to have them all in one place and it seems as if the bag was designed for exactly this purpose.

If you are interested in either of these bags then just click on the images and you will be sent directly to our website where you can make your purchase.



The question I get asked the most when I go to exhibition and shows is please can you show me things we can make and decorate using these lovely wooden printing blocks. In an effort to get some creative juices flowing for you, I have recorded a video showing you how I decorate one of the new pouch bags we have on our website. The video goes from the very start, outlining all of the items I use, the paint, the tray, the mat, the blocks and the bag, right through to the cleaning up process at the end of the project. Please click on the video below to watch it and I would love for you to leave me a comment or maybe a suggestion for what the next tutorial should be about. I would love to hear from you.

block print a shoulder bag


Win a trip to India or £1,000 cash!


The response to our competition to win a trip to India or £1,000 cash has been fantastic and we have already sold plenty of competition sets of wooden printing blocks. We will be adding more competition sets in the forthcoming days and weeks, so keep checking out the competition page to see if there is a set that you like. The more sets you buy, the more chances you have of winning.


Next Show

New Picture

Thursday is the start of The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia. This is a very popular show, and as normal Colouricious will be having a stand, showing off our lovely printing blocks. If you are planning to visit the show, then please spare some time to come over to our stand to say hello. We are on stand G64 and would love to chat with as many of our club members as possible. Let me know that you are a club member and I will make sure I give you an extra special deal on any blocks you buy!




Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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Jamie Malden

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