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Fabric Printing

 Fabric Printing

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Fabric printing can be a fabulous experience – particularly if you choose to do fabric printing with Colouricious printing blocks. As you can see from the photos, our wonderful printing blocks are carefully hand made in India out of wood. Fabric printing is amazing in India. Block printing is very popular, and there are so many fabulous designs and beautiful vibrant colours to be seen. When we go to India on our Colouricious textile tours there is so much to be seen!

Fabric printing will become even more exciting if you choose to use Colouricious printing blocks! There is a large variety to choose from – from flowers to geckos, or leaves to peacocks – your fabric printing experience will be transformed! As they are hand made they will make your fabric printing experience even more special. They are all made from wood and are beautifully crafted. Whatever you choose – big or small, basic or beautifully detailed – the quality will be fabulous. So next time you go fabric printing make sure you try Colouricious printing blocks! It is any fabric printer’s dream!

Why not take a look at the wide range of printing blocks available at our Colouricious shop? Here you can not only browse our fabulous collection of wooden printing blocks, but learn how to use them with your fabric printing!

Or you could have a look at the Colouricious Indian textile tours, ideal for anyone who loves fabric printing! You’ll be able to see the whole process of fabric printing and block printing first hand.

Take a look at our other textile tours. They will be equally as amazing for any fabric printer, we offer so many destinations – from the Golden Triangle in India to a trip through Vietnam, or even Houston, Texas in the USA!

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Quilting textile design with a Gelli Plate

Quilting textile design with a Gelli Plate

First, spread a thin layer of fabric paint onto the surface.Then press the wooden printing blocks onto a round  gelli plate.Then put a piece of fabric onto the gelli plate. Now you can use Colouricious block printing and have fun!

Use the gelli plate , fabric paint and wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. For more creative ideas join the Colouricious Club

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