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Surface Decoration Ideas with Colouricious

Surface Decoration Ideas with Colouricious

Surface Decoration 05

Getting an appealing decoration to the surface of the fabrics that you use in your craft project will really make it stand out. There are lots of different ways to get a decorative pattern. You can use our wonderful wooden blocks to create a unique pattern, or perhaps you could try just painting directly onto the fabric, or maybe blend and merge fabrics to create your decoration.

Click on the picture below to see Marilyn Pipe use Lutradur to create a unique surface decoration.

Surface Design Video
Marilyn Pipe has lots of very creative ideas when it comes to surface design and decoration. Colouricious is delighted to have a dedicated video featuring Marilyn Pipe where she shows you how to use techniques that you will be able to master to bring your projects to life every time. The DVD is for sale on our website and you can see exactly what techniques Marilyn covers by visiting our webpage.

Click on the video below to be taken to our website.


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Textile Holidays

colouricious textile holidays

As you read this newsletter we are almost half way through our first trip to Vietnam. Everything is going well and we are all enjoying visiting this wonderful country. The sights, sounds and atmosphere is making for a wonderful trip and I have no doubt that we are all going to have memories to last a lifetime from our trip to Vietnam. If the idea of a tour of Vietnam is appealing to you, we have arranged two further trips later in the year that you can join us on. To reserve your place, visit of Vietnam webpage, download the booking form and send it over to me; we would love to see you on the trip!


If Vietnam is not for you then we have lots of other holidays arranged that are equally exciting. Take a look at the Holidays page of our website to find the trip that is most suitable for you. I am sure there will be the perfect holiday for you!

Colouricious Holidays

Latest Arrivals


We have recently added a Goodie Bag containing some wonderful Sisha Mirrors to our Latest Arrivals. If you like to add some shiny elements to your craft projects, then these Sisha Mirrors will be perfect for you. You can check out all of our latest arrivals by visiting our website.


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To see in the New Year we have set up Free Delivery for all orders over £70. This offer is automatic so will not require any special codes and will apply to sales from all countries.
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Free machine embroidery with Water Soluble Solufleece and Bondaweb

Free machine embroidery with Water Soluble Solufleece and Bondaweb

Kim Thittichai is a British textile artist who specialises in surface design. In this video, you will learn how to design your applique. You can use Colouricious wooden printing blocks to print your own design.

Here are some examples of the appliques that Kim has made using water soluble Solufleece and Bondaweb.

free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-block-printing-techniques free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-embroidery-techniques free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-embroidery free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-fabric-design free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-printing-block-embroidery free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-textile-art-techniques free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-textile-art free-machine-embroidery-kim-thittichai-wooden-printing-block

Buy water soluble Solufleece and Bondaweb to design your surface.

We recommend Colouricious wooden printing blocks and Colouricious fabric paint for this project.

For more creative ideas, join the Colouricious Club.

Quilting Art with gelli plates and block printing

Quilting Art with gelli plates and block printing


Have a look at our Colouricious YouTube channel to watch more videos about textile design and quilting art.

block-printing-fabrics   block-printing-gelli-plate   block-printing-techniques   block-printing-textile   block-printing   fabric-design-art   gelli-art   gelli-art-textile   gelli-plates-art-techniques   gelli-plates   printing-block-fabric    printing-block-textile   printing-block    printing-blocks-textile   printing-blocks    textile-art-tehniques   wooden-block-printing   block-printing-textile-art   block-printing-textile-techniques   fabric-design-techniques   fabric-design   gelli-plate-art   gelli-plate-textile-art   gelli-plates-art   gelli-plates-techniques   gelli-plates-textile-art   mono-printing-techniques   printing-blocks-techniques    printing-techniques    printmaking-fabric-design    wood-stamps-gelli-plate   wood-stamps-block-printing   textile-art   quilting-art-techniques   printmaking-techniques   wood-stamps-mono-printing   wooden-printing-block


Use the gelli plate , fabric paint and wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric quilting art.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. For more creative ideas join the Colouricious Club 

Indian Block Printing Textile Holiday

Indian Block Printing Textile Holiday

textile-holidays-wooden-block-printing   textile-holiday-dabu-printing-textile-art   textile-holiday-block-printing-lessons-embroidery   textile-holidays-embroidery-block-printing-lessons   Itextile-holidays-embroidery-block-printing-course   textile-holiday-wooden-block-printing-textile-art   textile-holiday-block-printing-course   textile-holidays-hand-stitching   textile-holiday-textile-art-craft   textile-holidays-hand-stitching-block-printing  textile-holiday-colouricious-textile-holidays   textile-holiday-hand-stitching   textile-holiday-block-printing-course-   textile-holiday-arts-and-crafts   textile-holidays-stitch-block-printing  textile-holiday-block-printing-course

Come on this Indian block printing textile holiday, you be will exploring the block printing story — the history and contemporary Indian hand fabric printing & designs. Learn textile printing techniques focusing on block printing, dabu printing, kantha stitch and textiles. For more information go to Textile Holidays

Love Textiles ? Come and join us in the Colouricious Club – If you love arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, Colouricious specialises in promoting textile art featuring leading British textile artists. sign up for our free weekly online newsletter to get up to date cutting-edge ideas.

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