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Colouricious Sewing Patterns

Colouricious Sewing Patterns

It is always good to get back to basics every now and again and get to create some lovely projects using block-printed fabric and a good sewing pattern. Some of the techniques we have on the Colouricious website can be complex, but this week we wanted to get back to basics with some lovely ideas and projects that you can easily do. They are perfect for beginners to crafting and also have the potential to be embellished for the more accomplished crafter.

Click on the picture below to see the videos on our Sewing Patterns webpage

Sewing Projects Video
The sewing pattern page on our website has several videos and many images showing you exactly how to make some wonderful projects. If you do make any of the projects from our videos we would love to see them, so please feel free to send us some pictures of your finished product. I am sure they look wonderful!

Check out our small selection of SEWING PATTERNS for you to get started on printing your own fabric and then using that fabric to make something simple. You will love it.

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Textile Holidays

colouricious textile holidays

We are off to Vietnam on Tuesday for the very first time. The trip is full and we are all very excited about what we are going to see. If the idea of a tour of Vietnam is appealing to you, we have arranged two further trips later in the year that you can join us on. To reserve your place, visit of Vietnam webpage, download the booking form and send it over to me; we would love to see you on the trip!


If Vietnam is not for you then we have lots of other holidays arranged that are equally exciting. Take a look at the Holidays page of our website to find the trip that is most suitable for you. I am sure there will be the perfect holiday for you!

Colouricious Holidays

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We are constantly adding new items for sale on our website. It is always worth checking out this page as there are items available for all aspects of crafting including wooden blocks, fabrics, brushes and many many more. You can check out all of our latest arrivals by visiting our website.


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To see in the New Year we have set up Free Delivery for all orders over £70. This offer is automatic so will not require any special codes and will apply to sales from all countries.
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