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Card holder Patchwork block printed pattern

Card holdercard-holder-sewing-projects-paisleywallet-paisley-sewing-patterns      card-holder-paisley-pattern-arts-crafts

Card holders are a great gift, its coming up to mothers day why don’t you get your sewing machine out and sew a present for your mother!
Using our Colouricious printing blocks and fabric paint you can create the perfect look for your card holder. You can get great online easy sewing patterns.


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Happy block printing!

Block Printing with Wooden Printing Blocks

Block Printing with Wooden Printing Blocks

Block Printing with Wooden Printing Blocks is a wonderful way to design your own fabric. Never tried textiles design before? You will be amazed how quick and easy Block Printing actually is. Here are some of our easy sewing projects, which are perfect for beginners. Printing on fabric combines beautifully with sewing crafts. Colouricious are specialists in all forms of printing onto fabric. In particular, love the art of textile design using wooden printing blocks. Colouricious have the world’s largest selection of wood stamps – from tiny weeny blocks to really large blocks – the stock is so large that there must be something for everyone! What is special about our wooden printing blocks is that we actually design most of them ourselves, and they commission carpenters in India to hand carve them. The printing  blocks are made from a sustainable local hard wood and soaked in olive oil to prolong their life. We feel proud when people comment that our wooden printing blocks are so well carved and are of outstanding quality and value. 

Arts and crafts, looking for new ideas? Try block printing your own fabric.
block printing curtains as an easy sewing craft idea
block printing using wooden printing blocks to make your own curtains
make your own hot water bottle cover by block printing – print your own fabric
sewing for beginners – try patchwork with block printing
easy sewing projects with block printing
textiles, block printing, wooden printing blocks,

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