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Weaving is an amazing method of textile production where two sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. In India the most popular materials used are cotton and silk. Weaving can be used to make so much – rugs, dresses or even blankets!

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Come on our Colouricious textile tour to India! You will have the chance to see some beautiful weaving of rugs and sarees, and purchase some of the most beautiful hand woven textiles! Indian rugs are amazingly designed and come in a large array of colours. You will be able to take a textile course in weaving and see first hand what it looks like to make a silk sari. You will also have the chance to buy handwoven blankets and bed linen. Southern India has a fabulous array of textiles and is any textile-lovers paradise! Weaving is an amazing method of textile production, and this is an amazing opportunity!

You will love our Colouricious textile tour to Southern India to see weaving up close! Everyone who loves textile art will love this!

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Weaving rugs – contemporary & traditional natural rugs

Weaving rugs – contemporary and traditional natural rugs in India

Weaving rugs is amazing. Watch this video to see how beautiful rugs are hand woven in India, usually natural hand dyed wools. Weaving is an amazing form of textile art that is practiced all around the world. Everyone who loves textile art will love this video. Come on a  Colouricious textile holiday to see textile art being produced first hand. This is a fabulous experience and everyone who loves textile craft and design can’t miss out!

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