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Recycle and Reuse

Recycle and Reuse
Getting the most out of all your old scrappy fabrics


We generally think of recycling as being a new idea and strategy for crafting, but in fact recycling has been a common practice for most of human history, with recorded advocates as far back as Plato in 400 BC. During periods when resources were scarce, archaeological studies of ancient waste dumps show less household waste (such as ash, broken tools and pottery) implying more waste was being recycled in the absence of new material.

Back to the modern day, Colouricious has loads of ideas on how to recycle your old fabrics and materials to make something new and exciting. Take a look at the Recycling page of our website to see some super videos to give you some ideas.

Recycle Video

If watching the videos has given you a few ideas about how to recycle materials, then you may want to take a look at our Recycled Reborn DVD which is full of ideas of how to get the most out of old items that you would have previously just thrown away.

Inspired Recycled Reborn


Automatic Discounts
The very best deals available


We are always trying to set up the very best deals for our Colouricious Club members, so from the start of this month we have introduced some automatic discounts that you will be given if your order reaches a certain value. We have kept the free postage anywhere in the world in place but now there needs to be 4 products in the basket to qualify. However, on top of this, you will get a percentage saving on your order if you spend certain amounts of money. These are fantastic deals and we hope you like them all.

Please note you cannot use any other discount codes with these offers as they will negate the automatic discount you will be entitled to. Basically, you can only have this coding from now on, not mix two !

Come with us to India
Join us on a trip of a lifetime


I love going on our textile holidays to India and Vietnam, but I also enjoy getting home which is when I start to receive the emails and letters from the crafters who joined us telling me how much they enjoyed themselves. They all have their own reason for booking the trip but they always remind me how much they love the sights and sounds and the experiences that got to see and enjoy.

One happy husband – Peter

” Dear Jamie, I should just like to thank you for making Lesleys’ trip to Jaipur so memorable. She was a little nervous before she set off, going that far away from home, but your arrangements and organisation were excellent. I understand that the itinerary was varied and very enjoyable and she just loved the Tuk-Tuk experience when traveling around. Coming home with so much fabric and unique printing stamps etc, took a long time to unpack, with a full explanation of each given to me as it came out of her case! I just know that she will want to repeat the trip someday! With many thanks again “

We have a number of people who have been with us on many different trips, but the majority of the people have taken the plunge and booked to go on their first trip. If you have never been with us before or on any type of textile or crafting holiday then I would encourage you to make the decision and give it a go, I just know you will not be disappointed.

Watch this video to meet some of our wonderful guests …

Holiday Video

Latest Arrivals


We have some beautiful woodland block sets in the Latest Arrivals section of our website. They have a lovely mixture of birds and leaves and will be delightful to highlight and give accent to any crafting project.

You can see all of our Latest Arrivals here and if you like this lovely set it is called Woodland Plumage and you can purchase it here.

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Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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