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Single Bed Quilts

Single Bed Quilts

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 Natural Quilts are manufacturers of single beddings as well. Finest quality single beddings are produced along with various other sizes. These single or twin size quilted bedspreads are more than just bed quilts. These single quilts are just like snuggle blankets that are ideal as beach blankets, throw blankets or even picnic blankets. Each throw blanket is handmade using the softest, finest and most colourful cotton. The size of our single bed quilt is 60″X90″. Single beds in U.K. are 2.5ft or 3ft wide. Our single bed quilt is 5ft wide, so the overhang will vary depending on the width and height of the bed. Our designs are loved and appreciated as girls bedding, boys bedding, toddler bedding and teenage bedding. The whole family enjoys the comfort of our wide variety of single quilts. They indeed make you sleep comfortably. Our single bed quilts collection comprises of a range of single quilt & quilt cover sets in various sizes for your bedroom as well as the children’s room. Teenage single bed quilts are also available to get the desired look. We have a stunning collection of single bedding that is single quilts for teenagers and the entire family. Single Bed Quilts are all individually designed and handmade with special care and attention to every detail. Each single quilt is distinctively designed, handmade, and given its own quirky title for easy recognition. So whether it is called single bedding or single quilt or single quilts or single bed quilts, we make it all. Our world famous Jaipuri Single Bed Quilts are available in traditional hand block prints of Rajasthan. Jaipuri quilts are set apart from other quilts because of their incredible feather-lightness, softness and of course warmth. Our products present a great example of conventional craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The quilts are superb not only in looks and feel but also in terms of utility and functionality. These good looking, fluffy, hand-made quilts are a specialty of Jaipur.

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Whole piece quilt block printing textile craft ideas

Whole Piece Quilt

Whole piece quilt making is a great tool for you to use up recycled fabric! Block printing over the top of old fabric can create wonderful effects. First start by taking a whole piece of fabric, it can be commercial fabric, hand dyed or even some recycled fabric (such as an old duvet cover or old curtains perhaps!) Lay the whole cloth on the table, remembering to place a foam mat under the area that you are block printing. You can either start your printing in the middle or start with the border. Create patterns as you go along. Think too about the orientation of your designs and that will help you with either your pattern theory or your random printing. We find it easiest to start block printing from the outside inwards. You can combine different printing techniques too with rubbing plates & markal sticks, with stencils and with dry sponging. The more you combine these skills, the more creative your whole piece quilt will be. Once you have finished printing the front you can then stitch that to the back with some piping to make your whole piece quilt. No piecing together, this quilting technique is relatively quick and easy.

We recommend that you use Colouricious Fabric Paints as they are easily fixed to be permanent by ironing the fabric both sides. If you have a tumble dryer you can heat fix your fabric by tumble drying it for 10 minutes on a hot setting.

Happy Block Printing!

Have a look at our animal Colouricious wooden printing blocks and our leaf and trees Colouricious wooden printing blocks


quilts-quilting-easy-quilts whole-piece-quilt-quilting quilts-patchwork-easy-quilting quilted-fabric-quilting-patchwork quilting-quilt-patchwork-beginners printed-textiles-quiltingpatchwork-quilts-beginners-printing-arts-crafts-quilt   block-printing-textiles-quiltingpatchwork-quilt-quilting-beginners

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Baby Quilts

 Baby Quilts for sale

Baby quilts for sale – this bedding is perfectly soft and sumptuous for little people

Baby Quilts

Natural Quilts – special offers

  • Natural Quilts are
  • 100% cotton
  • hand block printed
  • machine washable
  • colour fixed
  • super soft
baby quilts
This baby quilt has hand block printed birds on vegetable dyed cotton
baby bedding
Dabu printed fish designs on this baby quilt, click to learn more
baby quilts
Another dabu printed baby quilt with fish and ferns. Click to learn more.
Baby quilts are wonderful gifts for you, your family and for new babies that have popped into this world! They make great presents if you need a unique idea that is slightly different to what everybody else gives. Click here to see the full range of baby quilts that are now reduced by 50%. Half the price, but twice the snuggle factor.
baby quilts
baby quilts
baby bedding
baby bedding
Colouricious is proud to support the work of the block carvers, the printers and the makers of these fabulous natural Indian quilts.
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Patchwork quilt with Square Gelli Plate

Patchwork quilt with Square Gelli Plate

First, spread a thin layer of fabric paint onto the surface.Then press the wooden printing blocks onto a round  gelli plate.Then put a piece of fabric onto the gelli plate. Now you can use Colouricious block printing and have fun!

Use the gelli plate , fabric paint and wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. For more creative ideas join the Colouricious club.

patchwork-quilt-blocks-printing-gellis-plates   patchwork-quilt-blocks-printing-gelli-plates   patchwork-quilt-craft-for-kids-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-craft-for-kids-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-craft-for-kids-textile-design   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-block-printing-monoprinting   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-blocks-printing-qulting-art   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-textile-art-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-blocks-printing   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-printing-block   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-printing-block   gelli-printing   gelli-printing-block-printin   gelli-plates   gelli-plates-blocks-printing   gelli-plate   gelli-printings   how-to-monoprint-block-printing   how-to-monoprint   mono-print   mono-printing   printmaking-technique-block-printing   printing-ideas   printing-ideas-gelli-plate   printing-ideas-block-printing   mono-printings   printmaking-technique   recycle-textile-block-printing



Patchwork quilting with Square Gelli Plate

Patchwork quilting with Square Gelli Plate

patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-block-printing-fabric design   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-surface-design   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-print-your-own-fabric  patchwork-quilt-printing-ideas-textile-art


For patchwork quilting, choose a piece of fabric to recycle. Then squidge and roll some fabric paint onto the gelli plate. Now use the Colouricious printing blocks to lift off the paint. Then put the  fabric on the paint and tub with your hands and look the result. Now you can have fun with Colouricious printing blocks !

Use the gelli plate fabric paint and Colouricious  wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric. These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. Come and join us in the  Colouricious club. If you love arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, Colouricious specialises in promoting textile art featuring leading British textile artists. Sign up for our free weekly online newsletter to get up to date cutting-edge ideas.

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