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Patchwork – A beautiful way to make a quilt

It is cool to be square!


Patchwork is a crafting technique that involves the sewing together of smaller pieces of fabric to make a larger design. It is often used to make quilts with the squares making a lovely pattern.

Our blocks are perfect for making patchwork designs, and if you dye your fabrics beforehand you will be able to create some beautiful unique squares. We have an excellent video showing how you can use our blocks to make a lovely patchwork quilt.

patchwork quilt video

We also have loads of different pictures of patchwork quilts we have made so why not take a look at them and we hope they give you some inspiration.



Be an Early Bird and catch these beauties. If you love birds, this is the block printing set for you! Click here to see some ideas of what you can design.


Let’s go on a Treasure Hunt
Come with us to Northern India


This is a wonderful, luxury tour of Northern India taking in some amazing sites and places. It is a 15 day trip which starts in Delhi before moving on to Jaipur, Agra, where we will visit the stunning Taj Mahal before moving on the Lucknow and Varanasi before returning to Delhi and then home.

This is a special holiday and one really not to be missed. In addition to the well known places we will be visiting, we will also be taking in lots of other beautiful Villages, Gardens and even Palaces in these 15 days. We have called this trip a Treasure Hunt, but in truth you wont have to search very hard to find the treasures as they will just appear in front of you fay after day.

If this textile holiday is of interest to you then the full itinerary is on our website along with the link to our online booking form. We would love for you to join us.


Latest Arrivals
New printing techniques in our shop.


We have been adding to the stock we have in our shop and have found these lovely Moulding Mats. These rubber mats will enable you to put some super background patterns onto the fabrics you use for crafting which will be perfect to enhance the designs you create.

You can see all of the moulding mats we have as well as all of our other new items in the Latest Arrivals section of our website.


New styles of stencils


We have sourced some lovely new stencil designs for you including this lovely Americana Finch. Use the smallest amount of paint when you use these stencils as a little really does go a long way and it will also prolong the life of the stencil if you use a smaller amount of paint.

Check out all the stencils we have available here.


Next Quilt Show
Alexandra Palace London UK in October

Knitting Stitching Show

Colouricious has a stand at the London Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace in October and would love to see any of you that can make it there. I will be demonstrating some new creative fabric backgrounds for block printing, so come and be inspired. The Colouricious stand is Stand G32 and the show runs for 5 days from Wednesday 7th – Sunday 11th October.

Quilting Art with gelli plates and block printing

Quilting Art with gelli plates and block printing


Have a look at our Colouricious YouTube channel to watch more videos about textile design and quilting art.

block-printing-fabrics   block-printing-gelli-plate   block-printing-techniques   block-printing-textile   block-printing   fabric-design-art   gelli-art   gelli-art-textile   gelli-plates-art-techniques   gelli-plates   printing-block-fabric    printing-block-textile   printing-block    printing-blocks-textile   printing-blocks    textile-art-tehniques   wooden-block-printing   block-printing-textile-art   block-printing-textile-techniques   fabric-design-techniques   fabric-design   gelli-plate-art   gelli-plate-textile-art   gelli-plates-art   gelli-plates-techniques   gelli-plates-textile-art   mono-printing-techniques   printing-blocks-techniques    printing-techniques    printmaking-fabric-design    wood-stamps-gelli-plate   wood-stamps-block-printing   textile-art   quilting-art-techniques   printmaking-techniques   wood-stamps-mono-printing   wooden-printing-block


Use the gelli plate , fabric paint and wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric quilting art.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. For more creative ideas join the Colouricious Club 

Patchwork quilt with Square Gelli Plate

Patchwork quilt with Square Gelli Plate

First, spread a thin layer of fabric paint onto the surface.Then press the wooden printing blocks onto a round  gelli plate.Then put a piece of fabric onto the gelli plate. Now you can use Colouricious block printing and have fun!

Use the gelli plate , fabric paint and wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. For more creative ideas join the Colouricious club.

patchwork-quilt-blocks-printing-gellis-plates   patchwork-quilt-blocks-printing-gelli-plates   patchwork-quilt-craft-for-kids-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-craft-for-kids-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-craft-for-kids-textile-design   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-block-printing-monoprinting   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-blocks-printing-qulting-art   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-textile-art-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-block-printing   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-blocks-printing   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-printing-block   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-printing-block   gelli-printing   gelli-printing-block-printin   gelli-plates   gelli-plates-blocks-printing   gelli-plate   gelli-printings   how-to-monoprint-block-printing   how-to-monoprint   mono-print   mono-printing   printmaking-technique-block-printing   printing-ideas   printing-ideas-gelli-plate   printing-ideas-block-printing   mono-printings   printmaking-technique   recycle-textile-block-printing



Patchwork quilting with Square Gelli Plate

Patchwork quilting with Square Gelli Plate

patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-block-printing-fabric design   patchwork-quilt-gelli-art-surface-design   patchwork-quilt-gelli-plate-print-your-own-fabric  patchwork-quilt-printing-ideas-textile-art


For patchwork quilting, choose a piece of fabric to recycle. Then squidge and roll some fabric paint onto the gelli plate. Now use the Colouricious printing blocks to lift off the paint. Then put the  fabric on the paint and tub with your hands and look the result. Now you can have fun with Colouricious printing blocks !

Use the gelli plate fabric paint and Colouricious  wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric. These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. Come and join us in the  Colouricious club. If you love arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, Colouricious specialises in promoting textile art featuring leading British textile artists. Sign up for our free weekly online newsletter to get up to date cutting-edge ideas.

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