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Mahabalipuram Tour Package

Mahabalipuram Tour Package


On our Colouricious textile tour to Southern India, take you on a Mahabalipuram tour, including a guide of the Shore Temple.

The Shore Temple was built in 700–728 AD. It got its name because it overlooks the shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is a temple built with blocks of granite. At the time of its creation, the village was a busy port. It is one of the Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram, it has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. It is one of the oldest structural stone temples of South India. It is situated in Mahabalipuram, Southern India.

The Shore Temple on a map

Our Mahabalipuram tour package means you will be able to visit the amazing Shore temple and Bas relief carvings. We also take you to a number of other locations in southern India, showing you an amazing array of textile printing and production techniques.

Our Mahabalipuram tour package adds even more excitement to our Colouricious Southern India Textile tour and will introduce you to another aspect of Indian culture and design.

Learn more about the Shore Temple.

You will love our Colouricious textile tour to Southern India to come on our Mahabalipuram tour! Everyone who loves textile art will love this tour!

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Fabric Design – Dabu

Fabric Design


On our Colouricious textile holiday to India you will see some amazing fabric design, produced through a number of different ways, all using block printing. One of the most interesting fabric design techniques is Dabu printing.

Dabu printing is a method of fabric design using block printing and mud.This method of fabric design ensures the fabric has a magnificent quality and appearance. The process of uses lots of natural dyes and vegetable pastes, and is done entirely manually, which means it can be very hard work. However this hard work seems to pay off, since the finished product is beautifully vibrant, with amazing prints!

print-on-fabric-arts-and-craftfabric-design-printing fabric-design-arts-and-craftdabu-printing-craft-supplies

Dabu printing is a method of block printing, and you will be able to see Dabu printing first hand on our Colouricious block printing holiday to Jaipur, India. You will also see some of the block prints being made by hand – some of which can be found on the Colouricious shop! This is an incredible experience, essential for you if you love fabric design, block printing or arts and crafts! As well as block printing you will be able to see several other methods first hand.

You should take a look at the Colouricious block printing textile holiday to Jaipur, ideal for any who loves fabric design! You’ll be able to see the whole process of fabric design and block printing first hand.

Why not take a look at the wide range of printing blocks available at our Colouricious shop? Here you can not only browse our fabulous collection of wooden printing blocks, but learn how to use them with your fabric printing!

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Textile Workshop India

Textile Workshop

textile-tour-craft fabric-designs-textile-tour  printing-on-fabric-textile-tour

Come on our Colouricious textile holidays! You will be fully escorted through India while taking part in a range of textile workshop. These holidays are ideal for anyone who loves arts and crafts or textile printing. On a textile workshop you will see fabulous product made first hand, which can be a wonder for anyone who loves textile arts! You can see embroidery, block printing or even Dabu printing! We take you to Jaipur an area full of amazing textile arts, with intricate printing, and vibrant colours! After your textile block printing workshop you will even be able to purchase the hand crafted fabrics. A textile workshop is one of the best ways to spend your time in Jaipur!


Have a look at the Colouricious block printing holiday – where you will be able to experience a textile workshop!

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Fabric Printing Techniques

Fabric Printing Techniques

On our Colouricious block printing holiday you will be able to learn from the many different fabric printing techniques you will get to see. This trip is perfect for every fan of block printing since you will be able to see such a large range of fabric printing techniques. From block printing to Dabu printing, this holiday is amazing. The vibrant colours and fabulously detailed designs of the fabric printing will have you so inspired, so that when you get home you too will be able to try out these fabric printing techniques! The fabric printing industry in India is so exciting and you will get to witness such an interesting part of it on our Colouricious block printing holiday to India this December. You will be personally escorted to many fabric printing workshops and be able to learn and understand a wide range of new fabric techniques.

fabric-paint-designs-craft      colouricious-craft-supplies

textile-printing-techniques  craft-textile-printing-techniques

You will find the Colouricious block printing holiday perfect if you love arts and crafts!

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Golden Triangle Tour India – Jaisalmer

Golden Triangle Tour – Jaisalmer

golden-triangle-india-tourThe fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking sight, located a few hundred miles west of Jaipur, it is nicknamed the “Golden City” due to it’s beautiful architecture all carved from the same magnificent golden-honey sandstone – and is the perfect place for any arts and crafts lover on their Golden Triangle Tour. Inside you will find shops teeming in bright embroideries, a royal palace and numerous businesses ready and waiting to barter you a good price for their handmade crafts. Behind the magnificent walls, particularly to the north, the narrow streets of the old city conceal magnificent havelis (Indian mansions) also carved from the golden-honey sandstone.

 jaisalmer-golden-triangle-tours  golden-triangle-tour-textile-tours  rahjastan-textile-tours

A city that has been revived to its former glory in the past half-century, Jaisalmer may be remote but it is in no way a forgotten city– it is actually one of Rajasthan’s biggest tourist destinations. Jaisalmer is a much more laid-back, hassle-free place to stay than many other destinations on your Golden Triangle tour.

Jaisalmer on map golden triangle tour
Jaisalmer on a map of Rajasthan

Come on our Colouricious textile holiday to Rajasthan to discover and explore this spectacular city!

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