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Gelli Block Printing Arts – Colouricious Group Textiles Art Workshop

Gelli Block Printing Arts Workshop

Gelli Block Printing Arts – If you love textile crafts, then you will love Gelli Block printing arts, combining gelli plates with block printing on fabric using fabric paints to create  beautiful designs and print your own fabric. Enjoy arts and crafts, and learn about fabric printing in a fun filled Colouricious group textile art workshop with like-minded people. You will gelli block print your own fabric and create fabric design patterns in this textile class, creating and designing fabric patterns and designs with wooden printing blocks to combine these two different textile printing techniques.

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Quilting textile design with a Gelli Plate

Quilting textile design with a Gelli Plate

First, spread a thin layer of fabric paint onto the surface.Then press the wooden printing blocks onto a round  gelli plate.Then put a piece of fabric onto the gelli plate. Now you can use Colouricious block printing and have fun!

Use the gelli plate , fabric paint and wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results. For more creative ideas join the Colouricious Club

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