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Hotels in Jaipur the Alsisar Haveli

Hotels Jaipur

Block Printing with Colouricious Holidays

Come on a wonderful block printing holiday to Jaipur. 

If you love arts and crafts, then you will I am sure, love to learn how to block print your own fabric. The art of block printing is an ancient Indian form of fabric printing using hand carved Indian wooden printing blocks. Block printed fabric has been produced in Jaipur for hundreds of years and is still very much a wonderful technique for fabric printing. Colouricious Holidays specialise in teaching their guests how to block print and we love to stay in wonderful hotels to make the whole holiday experience really wonderful. One of our absolute favourite hotels is called the Alisisar Hotel, which is actually a haveli. Haveli means a house built in a quadrant with a courtyard in the middle. This haveli belongs to a family who have 3 palaces and this particular haveli is their town house which they have converted into a gorgeous hotel. Have a little walk around this haveli to see how beautiful the accommodation is…

Hotels in Jaipur – Colouricious Block printing holiday

As you can imagine, it gets quite hot in India, so our guests really enjoyed the magnificent swimming pool at this haveli. The building is cream in colour and retains many of the original features that were enjoyed by their predecessors. Obviously the pool is new but really adds a special attraction to this hotel. Not only is the building beautiful but must say how lovely the staff are too. The food is truly delicious and luckily is made for the western market, i.e. not too spicy.

During the day our guests are off learning how to block print in authentic factories, with real printers using wooden printing blocks and at the end of a busy day, what a treat to come back to the Alsisar Haveli – one of our favourite hotels in Jaipur.

Come on a Colouricious Holiday and stay here with us!


Discover more about this wonderful block printing holiday to Jaipur.

Wax Print

Wax Print

Wax print or Batik originated in India. The word batik actually means ‘wax writing’.

To decorate cloth by wax print you have to cover a part of the cloth with a coat of wax and then dye the cloth. When the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and undyed areas makes the pattern, as the waxed areas keep their original colour.
The beauty of wax print is its simplicity. Some of the best effects in batik are often achieved by chance. Batik is very popular in southern India and is an amazing way of printing fabric.

Wax print is an amazing way of textile design and you will be able to experience it up close on our Colouricious textile tour to Southern India. You will be able to try it out for yourself when you get home, and achieve some amazing results. Wax print designs come in a large range of colours and patterns and you will be amazed when you see the whole textile printing process.

You will love our Colouricious textile tour to Southern India to see wax print up close! Everyone who loves textile art will love this!

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Fabric Printing

 Fabric Printing

textile-printing-blocks  card-making-fabric-printing  fabric-printing-craft

Fabric printing can be a fabulous experience – particularly if you choose to do fabric printing with Colouricious printing blocks. As you can see from the photos, our wonderful printing blocks are carefully hand made in India out of wood. Fabric printing is amazing in India. Block printing is very popular, and there are so many fabulous designs and beautiful vibrant colours to be seen. When we go to India on our Colouricious textile tours there is so much to be seen!

Fabric printing will become even more exciting if you choose to use Colouricious printing blocks! There is a large variety to choose from – from flowers to geckos, or leaves to peacocks – your fabric printing experience will be transformed! As they are hand made they will make your fabric printing experience even more special. They are all made from wood and are beautifully crafted. Whatever you choose – big or small, basic or beautifully detailed – the quality will be fabulous. So next time you go fabric printing make sure you try Colouricious printing blocks! It is any fabric printer’s dream!

Why not take a look at the wide range of printing blocks available at our Colouricious shop? Here you can not only browse our fabulous collection of wooden printing blocks, but learn how to use them with your fabric printing!

Or you could have a look at the Colouricious Indian textile tours, ideal for anyone who loves fabric printing! You’ll be able to see the whole process of fabric printing and block printing first hand.

Take a look at our other textile tours. They will be equally as amazing for any fabric printer, we offer so many destinations – from the Golden Triangle in India to a trip through Vietnam, or even Houston, Texas in the USA!

    block-printing-craft-supplies-fabric-printing  block-printing  colouricious-craft-supplies-fabric-printing



How to block print – Printing a tea towel

How to block print – Learn how to block print a tea towel

How to block print – Watch this video to see how easy it is to create your own textile art on fabric. Block printing your own tea towel is easy, fun and simple using Colouricious wooden printing stamps and Colouricious textile paint fix the paint to the fabric by ironing or tumble drying. Block printing is a great arts and crafts activity for kids in the holidays – get them to print gifts or home decor.
Buy some plain tea towels on line and have a go yourself!

stamp-printing-at-home-tea-towel    block-printing-tea-towel-at-home    how-to-block-print-textile-art

Heart Garlands – home decor heart garland

Heart Garlands

heart-garlands-home-decor-garlandheart-garlands-printed-hearts-wall-art-ideasHeart garland’s can be easily made with some left over printed fabric. You can personalise them by selecting your favourite colours from out Colouricous fabric paints and printing with your most loved Colouricious wooden printing block.
You could make them as a gift and personalise names onto the hearts with our Colouricious alphabet wooden printing blocks
Alternatively we also sell heart shaped wooden printing blocks which can equally look as nice.

See why a heart traditionally symbolises love.

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Happy block printing!

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