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Vietnam Textiles

Vietnam Textiles

There are many artistic avenues through which the Vietnamese express themselves such as silk painting, theatre, and wood carving. Below are explanations of the origins and development of a few key textiles and techniques. Vietnam textiles are beautiful.


silk-weaving-hadong-vietnam Vietnam textiles have been amazing for centuries, Vietnam has been silk weaving and creating beautiful embroidery. During feudal times silk was thought of as a great luxury, only worn by kings, queens and mandarins. Through out history and its dynasties, Vietnam has always had rules concerning colour, ornamentation, style and fabric of clothes worn by aristocrats. The clothes of those in power featured the royal symbols of dragons, phoenixes and tortoises.

Vietnam’s best silk is called ‘Ha Dong’ silk and comes from of Ha Tay, southwest of Hanoi in the Red River Delta. It is believed that the art of silk weaving originated here some 2,000 years ago. However it was between the 16th 18th centuries when this region’s silk industry flourished. Today, techniques and quality have changed but there are many villages that always have and still do produce silk, for example La Ca.

To produce silk, the first stage is the weaving of the cloth to make every thread uniformly in line to ensure a smooth and soft fabric. It is then soaked, washed, dried, kept with forest resin, dyed, and sun dried twice. The resin is extracted at different points of the season for different colours. This chemical free process creates beautifully shiny and durable silk.



All over Vietnam, its people use embroidery as a form of cultural expression. It was introduced into the northprovinces of Vietnam during the 17th century from China, when originally silk embroidery only used five thread colours – yellow, red, green, violet and blue.

However embroidery is thought to have existed in the village of Van Lam for seven centuries. More than 75% of the population is skilled in the embroidery with lace, due to teachings being passed down through generations. Their work varies from the size of a hand to large wall hangings. Tribes like the Hmong and Dao also use their own unique intricate embroidery and braiding styles to embellish their clothing. The Hmong also use beautiful batik designs to decorate their clothing.


Applique is used by the Hmong to set apart and identify particular tribes, but was first developed as a way of story telling. Now it has developed into an art form for many communities. This ancient technique involves sewing on fabric shapes by hand to produce decorative patterns and shapes.

hmong-vietnam-embroidery Hmong-applique-vietnam  Hmong-vietnam-embroidery

If you’d like to find out more about these techniques and get involved in the culture, Colouricious are running a textile trip to Vietnam in November 2015. If you would like to find out more, do not hesitate to visit our website or contact us below.

Block Printing Hearts – Heart Art – Love Craft Ideas

Block Printing Hearts on to your fabric or paper is the perfect heart art activity for you to get started on this valentines day! You can print these on fabrics to create great pieces or your paper to create cards and much more.



hearts-block-printing-craft-ideas heart-printing-heart-art-craft-ideas heart-designs-wooden-printing-blocks heart-art-love-craft-ideas




































See more heart art here at Colouricious.

Textiles – Embroidery – textile art

Did you know that Vietnam is full of the most beautiful textiles imaginable. This coming October, Colouricious is hosting a textile tour of Vietnam, traveling from the North all the way down to the South of this stunning country. The textiles that we explore en route are particularly bright and colourful, and what we love in particular is the breath taking embroidery.
Visit our Colouricious website to learn more about this dream textile holiday.

weaving-embroidery-tribal-art fabric-art-fibre-art-embroidery textiles-art-weaving

In the North of Vietnam, there is an area called Sapa Valley, which is where the Hmong tribes live. The first part of our holiday, we visit this tribal area where everywhere you go, you will see ladies stitching in the street.

If you love silk, then you will adore seeing the silk production that is so big in Vietnam. vietnamese-culture-arts-holidayYou will be visiting silk worm farms and seeing the production of silk fabric – and of course there is the very important element of retail therapy. You will come home with armfuls of real silk.
If you are looking to treat yourself to a special holiday, there are still a few vacancies left on this Colouricious textile tour of Vietnam. Visit our Colouricious website now to learn more about textiles in Vietnam, watch all the videos we have prepared for you and you can even book online now!

vietnamese-textile-holiday-hmong-people  hmong-tribal-textile-art

Come on a Colouricious textile holiday to meet the people behind the scenes who love textiles and sewing and weaving and making gorgeous items!

Embroidery Village in Dalat – Vietnam Holidays

Embroidery Village in Dalat

Dalat is a small and charming village found in Vietnam. Dalat’s surrounding countryside is covered by lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests.

Local products include silk, embroidery designs, garden vegetables and flowers which are sold all over southern Vietnam. This makes Dalat perfect for those who love textiles and crafts, where you can shop for beautiful crafts on your Vietnam holidays with Colouricious textile tours!

creative-stitches-vietnam-embroidery hand-embroidery-creative-stitches hobby-crafts-creative-stitches-textiles

The city’s population is made up of about 5000 members of hill tribes. Traditional dress can even be spotted in the market places, with beautiful embroidery. Hill-tribe women of Dalat carry their children on their backs in a long piece of cloth worn over one shoulder and tied in the front. 

Also known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’, Dalat’s temperature can vary between 15°C (average daily minimum) to 24°C (average daily maximum). Dalat has a dry and a wet season – dry occurs form December to March and wet falls from April to November. But not to worry! Even in the wet season, mornings normally remain dry, leaving time for shopping and other leisurely activities on your Vietnam holidays before the downpour begins.

hobbycrafts-sew-stitch-vietnam    sew-stitch-hobby-crafts-creative-stitches

Find out more about Dalat.

Learn more about our Colouricious textile holiday to Vietnam.

Colouricious hosts many different wonderful textile holidays – check out Colouricious textile holidays.

Learn how to Thread Paint

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Learn Thread Painting


Thread Painting is a special way to adorn and embellish you textile craft project. In effect, you are “painting on” images and designs onto your project. There are no set rules, just let your imagination go and “thread paint” away! Just treat your threads as paints and you will have a wonderful time adding that final unique touch to every project you make.

Whilst thread painting may look a challenge, it really isn’t. There are no special skills required and best of all no special sewing machine or any other tools are needed. Set your sewing machine up and get started. We have lots of wonderful videos showing you how to get started with Thread Painting. Go over to our website to watch them to understand more.

Click on the picture below to see all our videos on how to Thread Paint.


Lucy Garvin from Canada is a talented self-taught artist whose curiosity and passion for sewing, embellishing and anything fabric or fibre related, has led her to explore almost every technique worked with a threaded needle, both hand and machine. Lucy shares her passion for  hand and machine embellishment techniques through teaching.

The Colouricious  Creative Free Machine Embroidery DVD also has some fantastic ideas to help you learn thread painting and Gina Ferrari is as passionate as Lucy Garvin about this technique. You can buy this DVD by clicking on the image below and you will be taken to learn more about Creative Machine Embroidery. Thread painting is also called Free Motion Stitching and Free Machine Embroidery.

Click on the videos below to be taken to more of these textile techniques.
Creative Free Machine Embroidery


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Colouricious Textile Holidays


In November here will be  another Colouricious Textile Tour of Rajasthan  Last year’s trip was very popular and we have now confirmed the dates for this year as 7th – 20th November 2015. If you are interested in visiting this wonderful region of India then do not wait, visit our website and download the booking forms to reserve your place.

This is what Linda thought of the trip last year:

Dear Jamie and the whole team, just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you the holiday was more than I could have imagined in every way the hotels the transport the visits to cities and villages the range of textiles we saw, and those that we had the opportunity to try our hand at. I was speechless from day one (not true I had a lot to say) the sights the sounds and smells and nor forgetting the company of the group all of whom shared a common interest . Oh dear, it was all amazing and also life changing in so many ways, thank you all for your superb organisation and sharing your love of textiles and India……………….I will be back

Regards Linda
click the video below to see more wonderful textile workshops
during the craft tour of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Video

Have a look at all the Colouricious textile holidays to India & Vietnam

Colouricious Holidays


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