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Make book wrap with Decovil 1 Light

Make book wrap with Decovil 1 Light

Kim Thittichai is a British textile artist who specialises in surface design. In this video, you will learn how to make your own book wrap. Using a manmade fabric called Decovil 1 Light, you will be able to iron on torn newspapers to create a new surface which you can then embellish with glitter and foils. As a finishing touch, you can then use Colouricious wooden printing blocks to print your own design. Adding some of your own hand or machine stitching will pull your textile project together.

Here are some examples of the book wrap that Kim has made using the Decovil 1 Light

make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-fabric-techniques  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-book-making-techniquesmake-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-book-wraps make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-how-to-wrap-a-bookmake-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-how-to-wrap-books  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-art

make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-design  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-block-printing


Would you like to make book wrap ? All you need to use is Decovil 1 Light, fabric paint and wooden printing blocks.

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