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Whole piece quilt block printing textile craft ideas

Whole Piece Quilt

Whole piece quilt making is a great tool for you to use up recycled fabric! Block printing over the top of old fabric can create wonderful effects. First start by taking a whole piece of fabric, it can be commercial fabric, hand dyed or even some recycled fabric (such as an old duvet cover or old curtains perhaps!) Lay the whole cloth on the table, remembering to place a foam mat under the area that you are block printing. You can either start your printing in the middle or start with the border. Create patterns as you go along. Think too about the orientation of your designs and that will help you with either your pattern theory or your random printing. We find it easiest to start block printing from the outside inwards. You can combine different printing techniques too with rubbing plates & markal sticks, with stencils and with dry sponging. The more you combine these skills, the more creative your whole piece quilt will be. Once you have finished printing the front you can then stitch that to the back with some piping to make your whole piece quilt. No piecing together, this quilting technique is relatively quick and easy.

We recommend that you use Colouricious Fabric Paints as they are easily fixed to be permanent by ironing the fabric both sides. If you have a tumble dryer you can heat fix your fabric by tumble drying it for 10 minutes on a hot setting.

Happy Block Printing!

Have a look at our animal Colouricious wooden printing blocks and our leaf and trees Colouricious wooden printing blocks


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Printing Techniques on Fabric

Double Wooden Printing Blocks
Meet our new exciting wooden printing blocks that are made for double block printing. Discover a very exciting method of block printing with two matching wooden printing blocks. These printing techniques on fabric lend themselves to so many textile art ideas.
  printing techniques on fabric

If you love block printing and have been creating your own textiles for some time now, have a go at double block printing. Essentially there are two wooden printing blocks – one is a solid design and the other is an outline design. Block printing with two blocks is very quick easy and effective. First you charge up the solid design block with your fabric paint and press down onto your fabric – remember to have a foam mat underneath. Secondly you charge up the outline block with a contrasting colour. Hover this block over the first print, eyeball the designs so that it is exactly on top of the previous one and print. Do not worry if the resolution is not 100% accurate as that is all part of the charm and delight of hand printed fabric. These blocks are very rare and unique. Many of you will never have seen double block printing before. To our knowledge we are the only place where you can buy these in the western world. You will love them!
Choose which ones you love – look at the entire selection of
Colouricious double wooden printing blocks
Do you “need” some fabric paint?
We recommend our Scrumptious Set of Fabric Paints for Double Block Printing as the contrasting colours make strong combinations.

Buy this set of Colouricious fabric paints and some of the double wooden printing blocks and you will qualify for free delivery anywhere in the world!


Ancient Greece for Kids

Ancient Greece for Kids

Ancient Greek Designs & Patterns
Classics is a really popular course in many schools and colleges in the UK. Learning about Ancient Greece, the myths and legends about the magnificent lifestyle that our ancestors lead. We have designed these Colouricious wooden printing blocks specifically for children and adults alike who, have a passion for the ancient world and creativity. Here is your opportunity to combine ancient patterns and designs along with ancient techniques of printing. You can buy 1, 2 or 3 sets whichever inspires you the most. If you are going to order 3 sets, we will happily send you, free of charge a box of 2 foam mats so that you can get your friends, children and grandchildren all involved in your creative craft project.

Ancient Greek Designs

Ancient greek Patterns

Greek Theatre

Get inspired with these wonderful Ancient Greek themed wooden printing blocks, perfect for creative craft projects with your children over the school holidays. Transform your fabrics and paper with these Greek patterns.

These Ancient Greek Designs & Patterns have just arrived from India and you are the first to know about these wonderful wooden printing blocks. We do so hope you love them as much as we do. Remember, whilst in the check out basket you can request your 2 free foam mats if you buy all 3 sets. The foam mats are essential to put underneath your fabric or paper to get a crisp clear image. 
We really recommend using our Colouricious fabric paints – the metallic fabric paint set in particular to create that certain antique patina! You are going to have so much fun sharing your textile skills with your young friends and relatives. Share the love!!!


For those of you, who like me, simply adore ancient civilisations, check out the
Ancient Egyptian Patterns

Go and have a look at the entire collection of
Colouricious wooden printing blocks

Crafts For Kids – Block Printing – Textile Art

A great project for the children is the ancient art of Block Printing. It is a great craft project and simple for the little ones get started, see what these guys got up to when Block Printing with Colouricious Wooden Printing Blocks! It is a simple and easy method for kids! The fun activity enables children to express their artistic flare and imagination, whilst giving them an easy task.

Crafts For Kids - Block Printing
Block Printing
Crafts For Kids - Block Printing
Block Printing
Crafts For Kids - Block Printing
Block Printing
Crafts For Kids - Block Printing
Block Printing
Crafts For Kids - Block Printing
Block Printing
























Check our Block Printing Kids Kit that are currently on SALE. Great way to get the kids started onto craft activities with this set.

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