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Rag doll – Handmade personalised dolls sewing ideas

Rag Doll

soft-toys-rag-doll-toys-tatty-teddy-arts-crafts-block-printing sewing-patters-ragdolls-rag-doll-block-printing-children-arts-crafts     rag-dolls-personalised-apettern-children-kids-soft-toys-block-printing      rag-dolls-how-to-make-a-ragdoll-personalised-arts-crafts-block-printing

Rag doll making is great arts and crafts for the family. Block printing your own fabric for these rag dolls will make them extra special and unique. Personalise your fabric using our Colouricious wooden blocks. Our Colouricious fabric paints can also make the fabric bright and colourful! They are easy to use with a simple iron and can be washed at a 40 degrees wash!
Rather than buy your own sewing patterns just design your own pattern!
Check out the history of rag dolls!

Owl – Decor – Sewing Patterns – Sewing Ideas

Owl Patterns
owl-sewing-patterns-ideas-art-crafts               owl-door-stop-block-printed-pattern        owl-decor-patchwork-art-crafts

Here is a new gift idea for you – have fun making these as a gift – you fill your soft toy with weights to make it into a door stop, you could stuff it to make into a teddy bear- the list goes on with different ideas you could do with these sewing patterns. As well as having this pattern available on our website, we also have got the most wonderful selection of owl wooden printing blocks that you can buy.

Learn about the life of owls

Tea Cosy Pattern, fabric printing, easy sewing projects

Tea Cosy Pattern

tea-cosy-pattern-art-crafts       tea-cosy-pattern-block-print-art-crafts

Tea cosy pattern to keep your cup of tea warm!
Here are some good examples of some tea cosy pattern’s you can make using our Colouricious printing blocks. There are also many beginner tea cosy sewing patterns available to buy if you fancied making your own.

tea-cosey-block-printing-pattern-art-craftTry printing your lining as well using our Colouricious fabric paints you can create a bright and exciting printed pattern.

Check out these instructions to make your own tea cosy

 Happy Block printing!

The Embellishing Machine

Use an embellishing machine for creating a new surface

Myfanwy Hart is a acclaimed British textile artist who specialises in machine embellishing and hand dying fabrics. Myfanwy runs creative textile workshops in Hampshire and across Britain. Myfanwy shares her creative know-how in the Colouricious Inspired Embellishing Level 1 and Level 2 DVDs – for you to learn more about the embellishing machine for projects and techniques. . Myfanwy also featured in the Colouricious TV series Talking Threads, demonstrating how you can hand dye fabrics at home. In the Talking Threads Christmas Special Myfanwy shows you how to create a delightful Christmas stocking using felt and an embellisher.

Watch and learn how to create new surfaces with the embellishing machine
In her own work, Myfanwy uses dyed and decorated papers, hand threads, yarns, fabrics and fibres which she often manipulates with the Embellisher, a machine needle felter.
Buy one get one free – embellishing workshop dvd

Learn more about Myfanwy Hart and the courses she teaches – visit her website today. You can either attend one of her workshops in person, follow her blog and/or buy her two specialist embellishing machine projects dvds. To buy an embellishing machine, we know that our Janome machine is very reliable.
Contact The Fabric and Sewing Centre to see if they can supply you with a Janome Sewing Machine.
Talking Threads” was a tv series about Textile Art. Each week the programme featured a different British textile artist, who talks, demonstrates and shares textile techniques. This tv series is still available on a double dvd.

Talking Threads

Buy one get one free  Buy the Talking Threads double dvd and get the Christmas special free

Learn even more – go to the Colouricious website to see a whole magical world of textiles from block printing, to surface design, to textile techniques.

There is something there you will love!

textile art dvds
Buy the set of 8 Inspired textile art dvd for just £90


Learn more about textiles at the Colouricious website – if you love textile art, from block printing, to embroidery to textile techniques, you are in for a a wonderful time!

Craft Ideas Sewing

Crafts Ideas Sewing

Are you always looking for new craft ideas  sewing ? Workbox Magazine is a wonderful publication, dedicated to giving you more and more craft ideas and inspiration for you to create and crate with sewing, embroidery and quilting.

Crafts Ideas Sewing

Digital magazine to read on your phone/tablet/computer

Introducing the FREE new Workbox App – bringing the wonders of Workbox Magazine to your mobile device!

For just £15 per year, you can receive your copy of Workbox Magazine digitally on your mobile device with our digital subscription, giving you the freedom to read the latest articles wherever you are.

Workbox App also gives you the ability to buy and download individual issues, including the latest edition, for only £2.99 per issue.

Every issue you buy, either through digital subscription or individually, will be saved to your mobile device and can be viewed as many times as you like.

Workbox Magazine are very proud to announce their new app.
The way to purchase the digital copy of the magazine is to go to the app store from your iPhone or iPad.
For android devices go to the Google play store.
Alternatively you can go to iTunes to download this app too.

For even more craft ideas for sewing explore the Colouricious website.


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