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Hand Made Journals

Hand Made Journals

How to make books workshop-3

If you are looking for inspiration for your next craft project, then making these super journals from recycled fabrics is a great idea. We have a super video on our website that will show you exactly how you do it, with Marilyn Pipe talking you through all the stages.

You can watch the video here:

book art

If you have a lot of recycled fabrics, then our Recycled Reborn DVD make be perfect for you. The DVD has lots of great ideas of things to make with your old and distressed fabrics and it will undoubtedly give you lots of ideas of things to make.

You can buy the DVD by clicking below

Recycled Reborn Recycled Textiles


Bring some glamour to your crafting

Shisha mirrors are most absolute favourite thing to stitch onto any craft project. They bring sparkle and light and really bring each item to life. They are easy to use and the effects can be sensational.

On my last trip to India, I was lucky enough to speak to our suppliers and they were able to put together two beautiful shisha sets that I bought home with me. Take a look at the sets here and if you love Shisha Mirrors as much as I do, then click on the pictures and head over to our website and place your order.


Want to learn how to stitch Indian shisha – here is the set to get you started – you get a selection of Anchor embroidery thread, a packet of large eyed needles, some embroidery scissors and 3 bags of different Indian mirrors – 2 bags of round mirrors (0.5 cm and 1 cm) and a bag of square shisha (1 cm).
You will have hours of embroidery fun stitching your shisha onto your block printed fabrics.
Have look at the shisha embroidery images on Pinterest to inspire you with some new ideas


A pink bag with 6 oz of round Indian mirrors (2cm wide) – just over a 100 shisha for you to stitch to your heart’s content. Also in this bag you will receive a pair of embroidery scissors and an embroidery ring (8 cm wide) for those of you who prefer to use a hoop


Try Kantha Stitch with us in Bengal


If embroidery and stitching is your favourite craft hobby, then you should seriously consider joining us as we travel to West Bengal to see the super skilled village women practice their embroidery and sewing. This region of India is world famous for its embroidery and we will see workshops exploring traditional Indian techniques such as Kantha stitch, Batik Macrame and many other intricate and decorative pieces.

The people that come with us have a wonderful time and you can see some of our testimonials by clicking on the image below and watching the video.

West Bengal

If you are tempted to join us in January on this wonderful trip, then head on over to our website to read more about the holiday and then fill in our booking form to reserve your place. You won’t be disappointed.


Block of the Month


These blocks are a truly beautiful set of geometric patterns that would look super as a background pattern to complement a big highlight block pattern, or alternatively as a bold design to make a plain material really stand out. the blocks come with a mat as well as two small bottles of fabric paint so you are ready to get started as soon as the set arrives.

If you would like this beautiful set, then head over to our website and place your order.


Win a trip to India


If you would like the chance to win a place on one of our Indian holidays or alternatively £1,000 cash, then why not enter the Colouricious Competition. Just go to our competition page and pick a set of blocks that you like and make your purchase. You will be entered into the competition, with one entry for every competition set of blocks you buy. We are adding new sets all the time, so keep an eye on the competition page and get your set to be in with a chance of winning a holiday of a lifetime.

The newest additions to the competition are:

Absolutely Aztec

Absolutely Aztec

Sharing is Caring


If you feel that Colouricious has inspired you with new, varied and interesting textile art ideas, please share us with your friends. We can only grow through personal recommendation, and if you were to help “spread the Colouricious love” we would be so grateful. We love to think of all our creative friends around the world holding Colouricious hands!

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden

Block Printing for Book Making

Block Printing for Book Making

Book Making by hand is a wonderful craft and it can bring joy to both the people who make the books and people who receive them as gifts. They are unique and can be personalised and make wonderful presents. You can watch the video we have made on how to use block printed sheets for book making. The instructions have been written below.


  1. Take two pieces of card and join them together with masking tape allowing for a 2cm gap between each board.
  2. Lay the piece of block printed paper you have chosen for your outer cover face down and then apply PVA glue to one side of the two pieces of cardboard.
  3. Lay the cardboard onto the paper and press down firmly.
  4. Cut the corners of the paper off at a 45 degree angle to the cardboard.
  5. Apply PVA glue to the uppermost side of the cardboard and fold in the edges of the paper to wrap the cardboard. Apply additional glue where necessary.
  6. Chose your block printed paper for the inside cover and cut that to a size slightly smaller than the overall size of your book cover.
  7. Apply more PVA glue and affix the inside sheet making sure that it doesn’t go over the edge of the cover.
  8. Press down firmly and leave to dry.
  9. Collect together some paper for the inside sheets of your book.
  10. Fold the sheets in half and using an awl make three holes of equal distance to each other along the crease line of the paper.
  11. Place the inside sheets inside the book cover and align them so they are centered within the book cover.
  12. Using the holes you have already created in the inside sheets as a guide, use the awl to make holes in the masking tape area of the book cover.
  13. Stitch the inside sheets into the cover and tie off the thread once completed. Trim any excess threads.
  14. Your book is now complete!

Here are some samples of the books we have created.

arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-fabric-design-techniques  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wood-stamps  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wooden-printing-blocks

Block printing for Book making

Block printing for Book making

Book printing is a lot of fun and can be done with people of all ages and abilities. Have a look at our video for some book making ideas.

arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-fabric-design-technique  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-fabric-design-techniques  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-fabric-design  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-printing-technique  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-printing-techniques  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-art  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-design  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-technique  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-techniques  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wood-stamp  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wood-stamps  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wooden-printing-block  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wooden-printing-blocks

Would you like to make your own book ? All you need to use is Colouricious wooden printing blocks and Colouricious fabric paint to design your book cover.

For more arts and crafts ideas, join the Colouricious Club.

You can also use Kim Thittichai’s Decovil 1 Light to design your book cover.

Make book wrap with Decovil 1 Light

Make book wrap with Decovil 1 Light

Kim Thittichai is a British textile artist who specialises in surface design. In this video, you will learn how to make your own book wrap. Using a manmade fabric called Decovil 1 Light, you will be able to iron on torn newspapers to create a new surface which you can then embellish with glitter and foils. As a finishing touch, you can then use Colouricious wooden printing blocks to print your own design. Adding some of your own hand or machine stitching will pull your textile project together.

Here are some examples of the book wrap that Kim has made using the Decovil 1 Light

make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-fabric-techniques  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-book-making-techniquesmake-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-book-wraps make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-how-to-wrap-a-bookmake-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-how-to-wrap-books  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-art

make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-design  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-block-printing


Would you like to make book wrap ? All you need to use is Decovil 1 Light, fabric paint and wooden printing blocks.

You can buy Decovil 1 Light online

We recommend you use Colouricious fabric paint

Look at the full range of Colouricious wooden printing blocks

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