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Make a Fabric Necklace

Make a Fabric Necklace

Make a Fabric Necklace
An elegant design and easy to do


This is a wonderful crafting project to undertake. It is simple to do and the video we have on our website is very clear and easy to follow.

Fabric Necklace Video

Follow these instructions as a back up to the video to ensure your necklace turns out perfect.
1. Choose a piece of fabric and then block print it with your favourite block.
2. Iron the fabric to seal the printed pattern. This will ensure that your fabric is washable up to 40 degrees.
3. Cut your material into strips ready to be formed into a necklace.
4. It may be necessary to join multiple strips of fabric together to get the correct necklace length. Follow the video to show you how to do this.
5. Fold the strip of fabric in half lengthwise and inside out.
6. Pin the fabric in place and then draw semi circle shapes along the length of the fabric.
7. Use a sewing machine to sew along the line you have drawn.
8. Remove the pins and cut off the excess fabric.
9. Thread a slightly blunt needle and sew through the corner of the fabric and secure.
10. Push the needle through one layer of the fabric and then slide the needle along the length of the fabric until it appears out of the other end of the fabric.
11. Continue to pull the needle and thread through the fabric, turning the fabric inside out. Leave the needle in place.
12. Take some polystyrene balls and some beads and start putting a ball into the fabric and push the fabric through a bead so the bead holds the polystyrene ball in place.
13. Carry on alternating balls and beads until you get to the length of necklace you require.
14. Cut off the excess material and use the needle to affix both ends of the necklace together


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Textile Holidays
Join Us on a trip to India, Vietnam or Houston, USA!


The Colouricious Textile Holidays are always very popular and we regularly have people returning for second, third, fourth and in some cases even for a fifth time to book with us. Every person that joins us always says what a wonderful time they have had and that they take home memories and experiences that they are looking forward to sharing with the rest of the family.

We still have spaces on our trips to Rajasthan, Jaipur, Vietnam and Houston this year and to South India and Kerala in 2016. If you are interested in joining us on one or more of these trips then please go to our website and reserve your place.

We make every effort while on these holidays to ensure you get to see as much of the region as possible and in particular anything that the region is especially famous for. We make sure we travel to Rajasthan while the Pushkar Camel Fair is in full swing and we take the time to go to the fair to see all the exciting activities that goes on during this period. When we visit Vietnam, we take the time to visit the Hmong tribal villages to watch the villagers at work using their crafts in day to day activities. The Colouricious holidays really are a multi-cultural experience and one that I know you will enjoy.

Take a look at the itineraries of the holidays that appeal to you and then reserve your place. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.


New Arrivals
Check out our new stock!


We have loads of beautiful new printing blocks on our website and have also built some sets up as well that are perfect for newcomers to this craft. They would make perfect birthday gifts as they have everything in them to get started; all you need to do is supply the fabric to block print on!

We out all our new stock onto our Latest Arrivals page, so check that out first to see the newest stock we have received from our block cutters in India. I am sure you will find something that is perfect for your next project.

Product Profile

The latest addition to our online block printing shop is the Block Printing Kits. These sets offer you the possibility of buying paints, scrubbing brushes and foam mats along with your printing blocks, presented as a theme. You can get started on your next quilt, embroidery or textile art project immediately with all the right equipment.



Everyone loves a bargain and in the special offers section of our website, there is a huge selection of stock with great price reductions – usually because they are the end of a range and no longer to be continued. Have a look at our special offers to find something special for you.

Colouricious Competition
Win a trip to India


We are running what can only be called a WIN-WIN competition on our website. We are offering the chance for one person to win a trip to India and all you have to do is buy a set of lovely blocks that you can use on your next craft project. So you get the blocks and an entry into the competition. But if that wasn’t enough, everybody that enters the competition will also get an invitation to a block printing work shop held at Amersham also for free. So for the price of the blocks you get:

– The lovely blocks to use on your next craft project
– An invitation to a block printing workshop held at Amersham
– A ticket in the draw to win a place on one of our super textile trips to India

That really is a “win-win” or perhaps a “cannot-lose” competition, so don’t delay, head over to our website and choose the set of blocks you like the best.

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden
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