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Natural Quilts

Visit Natural Quilts website for handmade super soft Indian quilts

Quilts for sale! Handmade quilts for sale! Enjoy the luxurious feel of a soft, lightweight, natural summer quilt. Cocoon your baby in the soft comfort of pure cotton Indian natural quilts. 

These cool comfortable cotton Indian quilts are handmade quilts, hand block printed in India, mainly using eco-friendly vegetable dyes. These Indian quilts in soft subtle hues will keep you snug, yet allow your skin to breathe.

Handmade quilts are made from natural cotton and dyes; they are free from harmful chemicals. An ideal gift for adults and children, these Jaipuri handmade quilts for sale are perfect as summer quilts and can also be used as bedspreads or picnic rugs. These  baby bedding in bags make unique gifts for babies and toddlers. The cotton quilts for sale are great for snuggling up on the sofa on cool evenings

The handmade quilts for sale are a specialty of Jaipur in Rajasthan, the desert region of India. They are ethically made by traditional craftspeople, are environmentally friendly and machine washable. In fact, Indian quilts, our handmade quilts, get softer with each wash. Quilts for sale 

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Quilts for Sale

Natural quilts are ‘Jaipuri quilts and quillows’ – handmade in Jaipur India, natural quilts uses environmentally friendly hand block printing and natural dyes making them free from harmful chemicals and processes. This company promotes traditional Indian textile crafts made ethically from natural materials. The quilts using vegetable dyes fade naturally over time due to the absence of chemicals to set the dyes. This combined with hand block printing makes each quilt unique. They  are very proud to have designed the 100% cotton ‘jaipur quillows’ and get them made from scratch, not in a factory, but by people in their own homes. They are not mass produced and there are no middle men here.  Quilts for sale 

You have different ranges of Indian Natural Quilts to choose from:-


Quillows are quilts that fold up to look like a pillow. They are really wonderful presents for children in particular. Leaving home and off to uni? These quillows are very popular with teenagers as they still love the comfort of home at their side. Quillows are perfect to for young children to take in the car or travelling any distance as they too love to snuggle up into something soft and warm. Wrap up in our cuddly pure cotton quillows.

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How to fold a quillow


Baby Bedding

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  • Teenage bedding

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  • Double Kingsize Quilts / Super King size Quilts
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  • Single Bed Quilts

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