Textile Design Transfer Paints – Download




Running Time:   69 minutes

Featured Artist:   Mary Gamester

Improve your textile art and learn to use transfer paints with textile artist Mary Gamester


Textile printing with fabric transfer paint

Meet textile artist Mary Gamester and watch as she guides you though how to design your own fabric by textile printing with fabric transfer paint. Watch this textile art DVD at your own pace. There are so many different textile techniques to use in your textile art. Easy to do and fast to learn, just what you need for craft inspiration – make a book cover, homemade card, coaster or wall hanging with your newly painted fabric.

When you learn how to dye and create your own fabrics the possibilities are endless! Mary teaches you textile techniques from how to use fabric stencils and templates (using anything from lace to leaves) to block printing to create your own motifs and fabric designs. Every person will interpret the techniques differently and create their own unique designs, even mix and match the techniques as you like!

Chapter 1 – An introduction to arts and crafts with fabric painting

Learn from textile artist Mary Gamester the best hand printing technique with fabric transfer paint. This amazing fabric paint only works for man made fibres but is perfect for all kinds of textile art projects.

Chapter 2 – How to dye fabric with fabric transfer paint

Join in with this transfer paint workshop! Build confidence with a simple technique to dye fabric used in a similar way to bondaweb.

Chapter 3 – Painting on fabric – how to use a paint resist

Transfer painting to create your own fabric is easy. Create any textile design you can think of with this fabulous printing resist idea Mary shares with you.

Chapter 4 – Dyeing fabric project ideas for homemade crafts

You can use any material you find at home for fabric stencils – even doyleys! Learn how to sew a coaster and other craft project ideas with hand printed fabric.

Chapter 5 – Quilting designs – transfer painting stencils ideal for quilt fabric

A lesson on how to use fabric stencils to dye your own fabric, great ideas for you to use in your patchwork quilts. Interpret the technique your way and create unique textile design!

Chapter 6 – Textile printing – lace fabric stencils

Use the paint mask textile techniques with anything, textile artist Mary Gamester teaches you how to use lace when fabric printing.

Chapter 7 – Textile art with fabric painting

Any textile art can be created when incorporating design from alternative sources. Is there a design you have seen in a book recently you want to use in your arts and crafts? Learn how, when fabric painting with this tutorial.

Chapter 8 – Fabric painting techniques for textile design

There are so many fabric painting techniques you can use for craft inspiration. They are easy to do and fast to learn to create a wow factor in your textile art.

Chapter 9 – Design your own fabric for sewing projects

When you have exhausted the previous methods of dyeing fabric, create your own designs for using transfer paints with fabric and even recycle fabrics from old clothes to use in your sewing projects.

Chapter 10 – Hand printed fabrics – block printing with transfer paints

Learn another method of how to dye fabric – use transfer paints to make hand printed fabrics with block printing techniques!

Textile artist, Mary Gamester is British’s leading expert on transfer paints. Here she share with you some tips on how to use them successfully.

Heat-transfer fabric paints allow you to create multi coloured designs on fabric with precision and ease. Simply paint on to paper, let dry and then iron onto fabric. The result is permanent and fully washable.

Apply the paint to the paper with a brush, stencil or even a wooden printing block. Here are a few creative techniques as demonstrated by Mary Gamester…


1) Woven Papers… Paint up two sheets of paper in different colours, let dry. Cut each of the papers into strips and weave together. For added interest why not cut into wavy strips! Once woven turn paint side down onto the fabric and iron to create a check a board effect.


2) Cut out shapes… here Mary has cut out tulip shapes from a piece of paper painted up in red transfer paint. Ironed onto a pale green background, she has then used free machine embroidery to add the stems and add definition to the tulip petals.


3) Positive and Negative Stencils… take a dry painted piece of paper, cut out a design using a stanley knife. Be careful, you want to be able to use both the inside and outside of the shape. Place each stencil paint side down and iron onto fabric. You can reuse these stencils but remember the effect will be lighter as the majority of the paint would have already been transferred. Experiment until the paper is completely exhausted. You might prefer the softer effect?


4) Masking… cut out a stencil from unpainted card. Here Mary has cut out a string of paper dolls. Use this stencil to mask out an area. To do this lie the dolls onto the fabric. Take a sheet of transfer painted paper, lie this down over the top of the mask and iron. Peel off and remove your the dolls. You can then use the dolls to create a positive print as they would have picked up the transfer paint from the first ironing process.


5) Don’t just use paper! You use the masking technique with leaves. Place a selection of leaves down onto the fabric. Place a piece of painted paper over the top and iron. Peel away. You can then use the leaves to transfer a design onto another blank piece of fabric. This is a very interesting effect as you can see the veins of the leaves in the final design!


6) Using a paper doily, you don’t always need to make your own stencil, use a ready made one- a paper doily!

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