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Running Time:   60 minutes

Featured Artist:   Kim Thittichai

How to use Bondaweb

Buy this textile workshop dvd so that you can develop your textile art techniques using these textile art ideas on how to use bondaweb, also known as wonder under, taught by leading textile artist Kim Thittichai

Craft Ideas – Bondaweb with textile artist with Kim Thittichai


Craft Ideas

Wonder Under  textile art

Bondaweb is a textile adhesive used in all kinds of modern textile art. A fast, simple process to acheive stunning results and usable with almost any craft project you are working on. Applique limitless designs, create fabulous textured surfaces with your recycled fabric, design your own fabric and even make your own jewellery.

Meet textile artist Kim Thittichai as she teaches you all about how to use this product or wonder under as it’s also known and the craft ideas you can use this fabric adhesive for. The emphasis of this textile art DVD is very much on experimenting and having fun! Be surprised at the arts and crafts you can use this material for!

Chapter 1 –  applique t shirts

The most simple use of wonder under is to stick two surfaces together. This craft idea is to design your own t shirt and appliqué any design. A great craft idea for kids!

Chapter 2  Make your own cards

Wonder under is just perfect to design your own cards. You can use anything from fabric to newspaper, play around and have fun with your designs!

Chapter 3 – Make  book covers

Did you know that you can iron it onto any dry flat surface? Learn craft idea of how to decorate a notebook or address book for yourself with glitter, sequins and all things sparkly.

Chapter 4 – textile design

Create beautiful textile designs using bondaweb for photo frames, wooden boxes or anything you like!

Chapter 5 – Heat transfer foils

Learn how well heat transfer foils work and hot spots and how this simple, versatile and washable process can be used to even decorate kids crafts!

Chapter 6 –  block printing

You can design your own fabric for textile art projects. Kim shows you how she combines wonder under and block printing on fabric to create her own fabric!

Chapter 7 – Making jewellery

Arts and crafts with bondaweb is easy! You can make your own jewellery with sparkle on any design you want.

Chapter 8 – Make your own bag with lamifix

There is no limit to the size of craft projects you can make with bondaweb. Learn to use lamifix to seal and protect your work and even make your own bag, a laptop case, an ipod case or even a shopping bag!

Chapter 9 – Die Cutting

A useful feature is that you can cut it fast and apply it in any shape you want.

Kim Thittichai explains in this final chapter different methods of cutting and how to achieve different textile designs.


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