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Running Time:   42 minutes

Featured Artist:   Jamie Malden & Mary Gamester

Half price for February 2013 – special offer – learn to design fabric and begin making your own patchwork with Jamie Malden & Mary Gamester. In this hour long workshop you will learn both colour theory for your fabric design, along with block printing.


Printing & Textile Design for beginners

It is so much fun to design and create your own fabric with block printing. In this textile art DVD you can get even better when you can incorporate the fabrics into your own easy sewing projects even suitable for beginners.

Learn the simple ideas behind textile design and colour wheel chart theory from Colouricious creator Jamie Malden, and get to grips with quilting suitable for beginners taught by textile artist Mary Gamester. Featuring easy to create craft ideas from a tea cosy to a bag to a book cover, be inspired.

Chapter 1 – Textile design and the colour wheel chart

Learn the basics of block printing textile design to create your own fabric ideal for quilting or patchwork. Jamie Malden introduces you to colour theory and primary colours.

Chapter 2 – Border quilt patterns using primary colours quilting fabric

Textile artist Mary Gamester creates border quilting designs easy enough for beginners. Use your new knowledge of colour theory to create stunning book cover designs.

Chapter 3 – Colour wheel chart – secondary colours

Make a mood board to understand and use secondary colours for striking fabric printing designs. Learn how to make a serendipity cloth from your left over paint after block printing, fabulous as a new background piece for more textile printing!

Chapter 4 – Strip quilt patterns using secondary colours quilting fabric

Learn easy beginner patchwork quilt patterns, this time using knowledge of secondary colours. Create an amazing homemade photo frame from strip patchwork designs combine plain and hand printed fabric.

Chapter 5 – Colour wheel chart – complementary colours

Returning with Jamie Malden, now learn about vibrant complementary colours and how they are even used in advertising to grab attention. Use them for printing on fabric in your future quilting projects.

Chapter 6 – Log cabin quilt patterns

In this chapter Mary Gamester guides you through a simple sewing tutorial for a log cabin quilt pattern. Once mastered, learn to make a patchwork bag with machine or hand stitching techniques.

Chapter 7 – Colour wheel chart – warm colours

Combine warm colours to sit comfortably together when you create your own fabric in this chapter.

Chapter 8 – Crazy quilt patterns

Machine embroidery techniques add interest and texture to your patchwork designs. A teacosy is the perfect craft to make with the crazy quilt pattern.

Chapter 9 – Colour wheel chart – cool colours

Finish your complete introduction to the colour wheel chart learning about using cool colours in woodblock printing.

Chapter 10 – Folded circle quilt patterns

Perfect for sewing projects, Mary teaches you how to make a folded circle patchwork quilt design in detail. There are endless sewing projects you can create with these quilting squares, from bags to wall hangings!


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