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Running Time:   62 minutes

Featured Artist:   Jamie Malden

Block printing with Indian wooden printing blocks – learn to design your own fabric with textile designer Jamie Malden


Block printing textile design techniques

Creator of Colouricious and textile artist Jamie Malden teaches you about one of her biggest passions, block printing textile design. Print your own fabric to enhance your textile project to new levels, create totally unique fabric and have fun all at the same time!

Pattern theory is simple and easy to learn for all ages, brilliant crafts for kids to make! Create your own fabric for a book cover, a cushion, a quilt and more. Every piece of fabric will be a textile design success. Block printing on fabric with wooden stamps is a great way to experiment with colour and pattern. Textile printing techniques allow you to be creative and incorporate your unique ideas into your textile art.

Chapter 1 – An introduction to this art and design course for block printing

Textile designer Jamie Malden teaches you all you need to know to start to design your own fabric with indian block printing.

Chapter 2 – Textile design basics of wood block printing

Learn the difference between textile pattern and motif, have fun with the basic techniques of block printing on fabric. There is so much you can do with this simple textile project idea.

Chapter 3 – Design your own block print fabric

“Print your own fabric” with Wooden Printing Blocks

A quick way to get a creative textile design is brick print. Using this textile printing technique can get you incredible textiles fast!

Chapter 4 – Colour theory in textile printing

“Fabric Printing with wooden printing blocks”

Create hand printed fabric easily in this chapter, perfect art projects for kids. Have fun and experiment with fabrics and colours!

Chapter 5 – Hand printing fabric in a mirror design

Now you have solved the riddles of block printing, learn what hand block printing techniques you can now use. Jamie shares advice for how to make designing your own fabric easier.

Chapter 6 – More new block printing techniques

“Craft Ideas with Block Printing” 

Create unique fabric design with this new pattern theory, and achieve stunning textile art.

Chapter 7 – Freestyle textile printing

“Block Printing for Patchwork”

Textile recycling made fun when you freestyle block print fabric! There are plenty of ideas for textile design when you use this pattern.

Chapter 8 – Textile designing with double printing and saving block printing mistakes

A great way to add depth when you print your own fabric for textile projects. Fix any mistakes you make when you practice your textile printing technique with this method too!

Chapter 9 – Inspiring textile design for your arts and crafts ideas

“Textile Techniques” – Block Printing 

Jamie shows you a brilliant way to combine wooden printing blocks, colour and pattern in your textile design projects. Learn a simple technique when fabric printing your craft ideas!

Chapter 10 – Craft ideas with your hand printed fabric

Making your own fabric is not only a brilliant arts and crafts activity, it creates unique fabric for your latest patchwork or quilting piece. Other ideas range from a teacosy to a patchwork heart. Recycle your fabric and your designs into anything you want to craft!

See the Colouricious Block Printing Starter Kit which includes everything you need to get creative with your fabulous fabric and paper printing

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