Fabric Textile Paint Rainbow Set


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Fabric Textile Paint – Rainbow Set

This set of perfect paints include the 3 primary colours blue, red and yellow. Mix the colours together and you can make the secondary colours – purple, orange and green. You will have white to make tints and black (x2) to make shades, with all the colours of the rainbow at your fingertips. There are 6 small bottles of fabric paint, the size of each is 60 ml. Included in this A5 presentation box you will also receive the foam mat that is needed to place under your fabric for a “bit of give” and 5 sponges with optimal density to achieve a good printed impression.  Apply this paint onto your wood stamps with a sponge – that way you get a neat layer of colour and the paint is being used more economically.
Here is another tip that we would like to share with you – to dye your fabric. When the bottle of fabric textile paint is empty, fill it up with water, give it a shake and then pour that dilute left overs onto any fabric you like. Leave to dry scrunched up in a ball, over night, in a bucket or on the grass in the garden. When the fabric is dry, you will have dyed it with your left overs! Remember, to fix this fabric textile paint, you must press with as hot as the fabric will bear, for two minutes. Then you will have permanent colour on your fabric. We cheat and put the dry fabric into the tumble dryer before ironing. Not strictly necessary, but makes the ironing a whole lot easier! Have fun with your block printing. We love this brand of fabric textile paint as it is the right consistency – not too thick and not too thin. The plastic bottles are just right for squeezing and handling with one hand when you are busy. We cannot recommend this fabric textile paint any higher – we love it!
Learn more about the colour wheel so you can understand better how to mix up your own colours.