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Textile Design – Block Printing using Decolourant

deColourant is a ready to use white creme.

Use deColourant to remove the color from dyed natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, wool, or linen. deColourant also works on many papers. It will remove the dyed color and leave the natural undyed color of the item. We strongly recommend that before you begin any project you test a scrap first.

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How does deColourant work? deColourant is activated by heat. Nothing happens until you heat the deColourant creme. Apply the design you want. If you do not like it, remove it! You won’t damage or change your work materials. When you have the design exactly as you want it, apply heat to the deColourant. The more heat, the more color is removed. You can use a household iron, a heat gun, or even the sun! When your design is done, simply wash out any remaining deColourantand no more color will be removed.

block-printing-quilting-arts-textiles craft-ideas-projects-decolour crafts-ideas-craft-projects-decolour craft-ideas-textile-design-fabric-colours craft-ideas-quilting-colour-remover craft-ideas-color-remover arts-and-crafts-textiles-decolourant arts-and-crafts-textiles-decolour arts-and-crafts-quilting-fabric-colour-remover             arts-and-crafts-quilting-fabric-color-remover             arts-and-crafts-ideas-decoluor-fabric-colours              arts-and-crafts-fabric-patterns-fabric-colours

deColourant is safe to use and does not damage your work materials. It only activates with heat. On fabrics, it does not change the “hand” of the fabric. Your finished design is as supple as the original fabric. Designs made with deColourant can safely be washed, ironed, or more with no further effects.

Is deColourant® safe?

deColourant® is non-toxic and safe for use without special precautions. It is safe for use by children (with adult supervision, of course!)

Like any product, normal safety precautions should be followed. Do not ingest it, leave it for prolonged periods on your skin, inhale it, or get it in your eyes. deColourant can be washed out with plain water.

How does deColourant® work?

deColourant® is inert until heat is applied. Nothing happens until deColourant is heated. You can apply it, wash it out, etc without activating deColourant.

deColourant responds to heat. The more heat, the more deColourant activates. When you are done, wash out any remaining deColourant and the process is stopped at the level of color removal desired.

 Decolourant-block-printing-3  Decolourant-block-printing-4  arts-and-crafts-fabric-patterns-fabric-colours  arts-and-crafts-craft-ideas-decolouration  arts-and-crafts-craft-ideas-colour-remover  textile-design-print-on-fabric-decoloration  quilting-arts-quilt-fabric-fabric-color  print-making-textile-printing-decolour  arts-and-crafts-quilting-fabric-color-remover  arts-and-crafts-ideas-fabric-patterns-color-remover

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