Creative Free Machine Embroidery with Gina Ferrari Download





Running Time:   60 minutes

Featured Artist:   Gina Ferrari

Machine Embroidery

Create your own textiles using your sewing machine for free machine embroidery


Textile artist Gina Ferrari is passionate about design, textiles and fabric and how free machine embroidery can bring all of them together. Have you always wanted to use embroidery to embellish your textile art? Gina teaches you about understanding the embroidery machine, needles, threads and fabrics you can use for machine embroidery projects.

Gradually build up your knowledge as you go through this textile art DVD and you can go from a beginner to confident with your sewing or embroidery machine. Start with basic embroidery stitches and even at the beginning use these sewing techniques in your beginner embroidery projects and arts and crafts.

Chapter 1 – Sewing machines for beginners

Back to basics, a perfect guide to learn how to sew with an embroidery machine. Proper care and use of your machine is very important in any of your embroidery projects.

Chapter 2 – Embroidery stitches for beginners

Practice makes perfect, learn some basic embroidery stitches and have a go yourself! Gina starts with running stitch and how to set up your embroidery machine.

Chapter 3 – Running stitch

Try some easy sewing projects with basic embroidery stitches in this chapter. You can get some great tips to make a fantastic tea cosy!

Chapter 4 – Beginner sewing projects with an easy embroidery stitch

There are plenty more beginner sewing project ideas for you to try, this time make your own card and learn about the surprising surfaces you can incorporate into your embroidery designs.

Chapter 5 – Further basic embroidery stitches

Sewing techniques can be difficult to master but Gina will teach you four easy rules to follow to create beautiful vermicelli stitch with your free machine embroidery skills.

Chapter 6 – Bobbin embroidery stitches – whip stitch

A new kind of needlework is introduced to you in this chapter – whip stitch! Use your embroidery machine for an exciting technique. Gina provides advice in case your thread snaps.

Chapter 7 – Bobbin embroidery stitches – moss stitch and feather stitch

Learn how beginner sewing techniques can transform your work with moss stitch and feather stitch. Add texture to your textile design with these embroidery stitches.

Chapter 8- Bobbin embroidery stitches – cable stitch

A back to front free machine embroidery technique Gina will teach you all about and explain how she used it in her machine embroidery projects.

Chapter 9 – Basic embroidery stitches, the zigzag.

Another important free machine embroidery stitch is the zigzag stitch.  Learn how to make a sampler to see all the patterns you can create with these basic embroidery stitches!

Chapter 10 – Machine embroidery projects ideas

Gina talks through her favourite pieces of textile art and embroidery techniques. She shows how you can use the sewing techniques for your own machine embroidery projects.

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