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Running Time: 54 mins
Featured Artist:   Myfanwy Hart



Buy this textile workshop dvd to get started on dry needle felting with your embellishing machine.

Learn embellishing machine projects with textile designer Myfanwy Hart

… subscribed to your newsletter only last week, following watching you tube and also looking at google images to try to discover more about embellishing machines. The pics and videos attracted me to you site. One thing led to another, I have now bought a janome embellisher. I now am immersed in a new craft and of course a whole new language and opportunity to discover more about textiles etc.

Embellishing Machine – learn dry needle felting


Textile art with an embellishing machine

Brand new embellishing machine? Whether your needle felting machine is a recent purchase or it has been sitting in its box, this textile art DVD will guide you through easy sewing projects for beginners to create stunning embellished fabric art and great craft embellishment project ideas.

Textile artist Myfanwy Hart uses her Janome Machine to teach you many simple embellishment techniques. She provides advice throughout on how to prevent a broken needle and take care of your needle felting machine.

Here are some of the wonderful creations that we have made having been inspired!

Chapter 1- Introduction to using a Janome machine and needle felting.

Meet the textile artist Myfanwy Hart and build your confidence as you learn how your embellisher machine can create incredible fabric art. It looks like a sewing machine but is much more. Use whatever material you have in the cupboard and have a go!

Chapter 2- Simple straight line embellishing

Learn the secrets of basic embellishment techniques. Myfanwy encourages you to use as many colours and fabrics as you like and gives ideas for using it in your latest sewing projects, even create book covers and bags!

Chapter 3- Crafts from recycled textiles

Learn an easy trick to create crafts embellishments from recycled materials. Ever wondered what to do with your left over fabric scraps or remnants from past projects? A great way to introduce colour or bring out an accent in a decorated scarf or throw.

Chapter 4- Easy rotation embellishment techniques

An embellisher machine has no feed dog! Take advantage of this to create wonderful spiral embellishments. There is no limit with this simple textile technique you can create almost any craft ideas – as you will find out.

Chapter 5- Solving mistakes in felt craft embellishments

Experimenting is risk free; this chapter explains how to turn embellishing machine mistakes into new textile art using these techniques. Make fantastic fabric surface textures.

Chapter 6- Textile recycling – new sewing projects from old

Inspired textile recycling; sewing project ideas using your least favourite textile designs. Cut up your felt crafts and use your embellisher machine to create brand new fabric art!

Chapter 7- Drawing with an embellisher machine

A lesson on fabric embellishments such as letters, pictures or shapes. Perfect to embellish names for family sewing projects or making scrapbook embellishments.

Chapter 8- Applique with an embellisher machine

Have you ever looked at the reverse side of your latest craft embellishments? Great embellishment techniques in this chapter teach you how to make a raised surface which everyone will wonder how you created!

Chapter 9- Shapes – fast felt craft textile design

Learn how to quickly create your own felt using your embellishing machine. Use your new felt to make wonderful textile art with embellished fabric shapes.

Chapter 10- Embellishing machine care

Myfanway talks through proper cleaning and care of your embellisher machine to ensure a long life, so you can use your machine for all your embellishment projects from inspired embellishing level 2! If you care for your machine, it will care for you.

Colouricious Christmas Crafts – textile art with the embellishing machine.

Learn how to make a christmas stocking using your embellishing machine in this textile technique video, that is featured in our TV seriesTalking Threads Christmas special.

The Embellishing Machine aka dry needle felting EMBELLISHING!
Using an Embellishing machine is a quick and easy way to needle felt. The machine is threadless and uses a set of barded needles to punch and pull through fabrics. This action bonds the fibres of the fabrics together.
You might already be familiar with this technique or you might be a beginner, either way it is sometimes tricky to know what to do with this new found textile technique. Here are some ideas to inspire you….
1) Not sure what to do with all your embellished samples and trial pieces? We turned our samples into a patchwork cushion.
2) Embellish felt with wool fibres, cut out and blanket stitch onto a fleece throw.
3) Embellish straps of felt and wool onto a felt background, cut out flowers and embellish in the centre to bond together. Add a button  for good measure! We made lots to create a jolly door wreath. Nice for Easter?
4) Make an embellished purse- using a length of multi coloured wool embellish onto a rectangle of sturdy felt in a continuous spiral pattern. Fold into thirds and embellish the two sides, leaving the flap free. No stitches required! We cut away the straight edge on the flap following the curves to make this purse.

Creative Textile DVD workshop

Like what you see? Inspired Embellishing Level 1 is a workshop DVD which teaches you the art of machine needle felting with Myfanwy Hart. Create texture and shape with felts, wool and yarns.

Already confident using a machine embellisher? Then try Inspired Embellishing Level 2 Explore machine needle felting further with muslins, cottons and threads. Myfanwy shows you some innovative techniques and ways to push your embellishing work further!


Embellished organza with wool. By Myfanwy Hart.


A textile embellished collage using scrim, muslins and free machine embroidery. By Myfanwy Hart.

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