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Running Time:   74 minutes

Featured Artist:   Jamie Malden

Improve your sewing crafts and techniques with these easy projects using recycled clothing and recycled textiles

Textile recycling- sewing projects and craft ideas


Creative projects using Recycled Textiles

Recycling textiles is easy and fun! Do you have an old shirt or blouse you can not bear to throw away? Stop and learn at your own pace some brilliant and unusual sources to recycle from. This textile art DVD explores recycled craft ideas with everything from laddered tights, even worn dishcloths to used teabags.

You will meet textile artist Marilyn Pipe, and learn from her how to use techniques like block printing, free machining, dyeing and using an embellishing machine to transform materials into great, recycled mixed media crafts. Great ideas for how to create your own fabric from old clothes and make beads, bags, laptop bags, coasters, cushion covers, cards and more from something you would have thrown in the bin.

Chapter 1 – A simple textile project for recycling clothes

If you have a craft idea but need textiles, recycling is the answer! Discover a variety of creative ways to make a cushion, laptop case or even make your own beads by recycling clothes.

Chapter 2 – Textile design with recycled fabric paint

Nothing gets wasted! Make a serendipity cloth while you clean up your fabric paint and create your own fabric ready for more craft projects.

Chapter 3 – Textile recycling with an embellishing machine

Do you have a woollen jumper shrunk in the wash? Learn how to use an embellishing machine with a wool jumper to create wonderful cushion covers and felt flowers to decorate your crafts with.

Craft Ideas – Felt Flowers – Felt Flower Tutorial

Chapter 4 – Surprising and easy recycled crafts

A simple textile recycling technique with a twist! You can create recycled crafts like these beautiful bowls or coasters using tights you would have thrown away.

Chapter 5 – Recycling crafts – new sewing projects from old dishcloths

Add texture to your textile art by recycling old dishcloths. You will create colourful and vibrant textile design from dull old dishcloths with this arts and crafts project.

Sewing hand embroidery designs & stitches with ribbon with Marilyn Pipe

Chapter 6 – Crafts from recycled materials

A great idea for sewing crafts after christmas or birthdays with all those wasted sweet wrappers! Marilyn Pipe shows you how to make fun, colourful invitations and cards, and shows you how to use this lesson to make more crafts from recycled materials.

Chapter 7 – Recycled remnants – the no-sewing bag

There is no sewing in this project so ideal crafts for kids! Make use of all your recycled remnants from past craft projects, and learn to make a beautiful bag.

Chapter 8 – Textile recycling with teabags

Design your own fabric using teabags! Easy textile recycling ideas with bondaweb to embellish and enhance teabags for a stylish tea cosy project.

Chapter 9 – Transform textile remnants to design your own cards

Learn to mix textile techniques for your own card designs. A brilliant textile recycling technique to use up old scraps, plastic fruit netting and even thread ends.

Chapter 10 – Creative textile recycling – making new fabric

A quick sewing technique to save your waste textiles. An easy craft project to make your own textile design for anything from wash bags to book covers.


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