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Gina Ferrari – Creative Free Machine Embroidery

Running Stitch – Creative Free Machine Embroidery with Gina Ferrari


Gina is a textile artist and tutor; one of her specialities is free machine embroidery. Watch and learn how to take your first step with running stitch on your sewing machine.
Creative Free Machine Embroidery

Now it is time to move on with your creative machine embroidering by seeing another chapter from Gina’s textile workshop. Watch and enjoy!

The Sewing Machine – Creative Free Machine Embroidery with Gina Ferrari 

Follow this ‘at home’ workshop, so that you too can learn each and every sumptuous stitch, step by step, to increase your skill level an understanding of embroidery using your sewing machine. running time – one hour long dvd.

Creative Free Machine Embroidery with Gina Ferrari 

To learn more about Gina Ferrari’s machine embroidery projects visit her website.

For more textile techniques ideas, watch Textile Art “Talking Threads” DVD.

Gina Ferrari

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