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Machine Embroidery

Machine Embroidery

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Machine embroidery is a textiles technique when a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. Hobbyists also machine embroider for personal sewing and craft projects. At Colouricious we are big on hand embroidery and machine embroidery, look at the gallery for some inspiration!
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 Textile artist – Anne Griffiths

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Meet Textile Artist Debbie Bates-free machine embroidery

Artist Statement

I specialise in working with transparent materials, embellished with machine stitch and paint, sometimes combined with heavier materials, such as acrylic or metal to create durable pieces. My starting points are often a word or quotation that demands visual representation.

“Liminal” is a word and a state, that fascinates me and my first body of work explored the ambiguity and tension in the boundaries between fibres in woven fabrics.

Inspired by my residency at Diamond Light Source, I investigated a number of scientific projects involving iron and completed a of series sculptural pieces entitled “Anamnesis”. In this work, the memory of materials are imprinted on cloth, this could be the patterns formed by magnetic fields, the prints made by rusting materials or the stains from iron pigments.



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