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D Twist decorative stitching with textile artist Lucy Garvin

Using Wonderful machine embroidery thread.

Decorative stitching with your sewing machine – wonderful fabric design ideas.

Meet Lucy Garvin, a talented textile artist who teaches machine embroidery. Her favourite threads are made by Wonderfil. Here is a lesson on the D stitch.

There is no name as such for the D stitch. It’s one of the preset decorative stitches on the machine that is grouped with the satin stitches. Many machines will have a variation of this stitch.

If your machine does not have it, you can create a similar stitch manually. Set the machine to a tight zig zag, approx SL 0.8, with the SW as wide as it will go. While sewing slowly and steadily, begin to bring the SW down at an even rate. Stop when you get to SW 0. Set machine to widest zig zag and repeat

Stitches with Wonderfil embroidery thread

Decorative embroidery stitches with Wonderfil

Fabric design with decorative stitches

Textile artist Lucy Garvin

Wonderfil thread

embroidery stitches with your Wonderfil embroidery thread

Machine embroidery stitches with Wonderfil embroidery thread

Textile artist Lucy Garvin shows you machine Sashiko

Creative Free Machine Embroidery

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